Thursday, May 8, 2008

Question me!

Do you have any questions regarding ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL # 7 or the series in particular? Do you wanna inquire about EVERYBODY'S DEAD? Do you want to ask me how my sideburns stay so wonderfully groomed?

Ask away! In the comment section, just slap your question up and I will answer it podcast-style! And I promise to get to this one, work is hectic but I will do it.

Thanks to everyone who came out to comics on comics last night. I think it came out pretty awesome, and it'll go online early next week. BUFFY and ANGEL were talked about, a whole lot. As was EVERYBODY'S DEAD. And monkeys. And video games.

Okay, ask away! And leave your name, because "the ninth question from anonymous" will get old really quickly.

I'm cutting everyone at midnight Friday! So get the word out!


Jesse said...

*minor spoiler*

So... since you've introduced Kate again... I think we should get a spin-off miniseries about her. Ever since she left Angel, I've wondered what she'd been up to. And after seeing her in this issue, I want to know about her battles and such over past several years.


Sarah said...

Hi Brian!

I had a question about writing Spike: After the Fall. Were there any stories that you wanted to do in S:AtF that you couldn't because of what you had set up in Angel: After the Fall? Or, the other way around, was there anything that you changed or altered in future A:AtF issues because of something that had happened in the Spike series?

brian b said...

how DO you keep your sideburns so trimed??
Ok now for something less important. I'm verry excited about Spike ATF!! I'm wondering though in this hell will anyof the gang find (for lack of a better word) love. Inparticular, Spike. I mean that cover kinda hints at it but..looks can be you know. OHHH how about a Spike Ilyria, Wes trinagle *lol*
Ps made shore my comic place is going to have Spike ATF
Spike+ Illyria+ Wesly= Splyrisly?? >.>

Anonymous said...

I just want to say, about Angel #7 how nice it was to see Kate. It was nice to see a woman have a spot light in the plot who wasn't weak/sick or attached to some man. Seriously, the storyline in general is missing the strong female influence..I know this isn't Buffy...but you shouldn't forget about us ladies all together!

Chris G. said...
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Chris G. said...

Yo, Lynch. Nice 'chops. Good job on ANGEL ATF #7. It is the only comic book I have to have EVERY month, and ON the street date.

Q: Is there a glitch in Hell's matrix because Spike & Angel both have souls?
And since L.A. is in Hell, the demons rule and the dead are rising again. Does this mean there's possibility of guys like The Beast to pop up?
Is Betta George being held down by a big web or something?

Keep it up, this book is the greatest.

Charlie Manson said...

How close is Joss to the production of this fantastic series?
If and when Angel becomes a vampire again, is he going to have a soul? and a tattoo? If you cant answer this is it at least going to be answered in the book?
and i am so glad spike is getting his own book because there was definitely not enough of him in Angel, but can one of the two at least mention Buffy? I hate that noone from this or Buffy Season 8 have even thought of each other. This book is amazing. amazing amazing amazing. But lastly, when Angel fixes everything and Hell is back to normal and L.A. is back to normal is the series gonna end?

Nolan said...

Do you know how hard it is to find a copy of Big Helium Dog in my town?

Also, you said your writing in the Connor/Kate story was your best Whedonverse writing thus far. I won't argue with that, but is there any one particular part that you are especially proud of, or is the story as a whole?

noel said...

hi brian

i was wondering what the deal is with the W&H contracts that everyone in angel signed. does that means that they are all tied to W&H after they die? do you think you will be doing any more angel realted comics after angel:ATF is done? good work on the comics btw.

sarahi said...
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sarahi said...

I was wondering if you could give a little, tiny hint as to what will happen to Spike in the end. The Shanshu prophecy is clearly about Angel, but will Spike ever get intervention for what he went through, something that doesn't involve being dead again? I posted somewhere that I wished that the PTB could just make Spike human, but erase all memory of everything since Drusilla killed him, for the sake of balance since the PTB favor Angel.

Brandon said...

Hey Lynch,

I expected it to be Darla. Was hoping even. But we got Kate. Okay. I'm with it. Down with the clown and all that. But, is this just a pop-in-and-say-hello type of roll, or is she going to pop up again later?

And, just out of curiousity, what's your work space like? Utterly untidy or clutter-free clean?

Enisy said...

Dunno if you can answer any of these... Just throwing them out there, and you can pick and choose, or skip them altogether.

- Will we see more old characters return, aside from whoever sired Gunn?

- Favourite Angel: After the Fall issue? Favourite Buffy: Season 8 arc?

- Favourite televised Angel episode(s)? Favourite televised Buffy episode(s)?

- Who's your favourite original character? (Can be from any series of yours -- Everybody's Dead, Spike: Asylum, Spike: Shadow Puppets, Angel: After the Fall, etc.)

- Who's your dream artist for Angel: After the Fall?

- Is Nina going to have a significant role anytime soon?

- Which Angel character do you find the easiest to write? The hardest? (Regardless of whether you like them or not.)

- Did any of the audience's reactions to Angel: After the Fall (to an issue, or a character, or a plot development, or an artist, etc.) really surprise you, whether positive or negative?

- Which medium is your favourite to write for?

That's all for now. :)

Buffy +Angel 4ever said...

Lovin' ATF. Please don't kill Wes or Connor. I know you won't answer about whether or not Buffy will show up, but are there any publication rights or other legal issues (ie:Dark Horse owning sole comic publication rights to the character?) preventing her or any other characters appearing in the season 8 comics from appearing? Please just answer that.
Buffy and Angel 4ever!!!

Love your work.

PatShand said...

Thanks for doing this again, it's awesome.

1. What is your writing process like? Do you have elaborate plans of how each issue will be written, or do you just have a basic outline before you start to script?

2.On his blog, Ryall spoke about two super secret Brian Lynch projects, one of them being a newly acquired lisence for IDW. One of those projects was revealed to be "Spike: After the Fall." What is the other?

3. Will Nick Runge's depiction of Betta George be closer to Urru's cartoonish or Wrigley's lumpy realistic?

4. Which cover has been your favorite from the SlayAlive/BCC/Stephen Mooney competition thing?

5. How excited are you that the TPB will not be a PB at all, but will be hardcover? (Best news ever). That being said, seeing as the Directors Cut of Angel 1 will have a script and commentary, does that mean that the "Angel After the Fall" hardcover won't have commentary?

Chris said...

Hi Brian,I'm going to bring over some of my old questions from the lost podcast along with some new ones mixed in about issue 7.

1)Starting with a OT question.Now that the strike is over,what are your thought on the WGA deal?As a screenwriter and guild member,are you happy with it?

2)In the white room back in issue 5 ,is that the Senior Partners speaking to Wesley and speaking to the fake Fred in issue 7?

3)The Fred/Illyria plot.Is this another element from Joss's plans for season 6?

4)I loved the return of Kate.How did you come up with the idea of bringing her back?How did Joss react?

5)The Slayers,are they there as a nod to the larger Buffyverse?

5)Who would you say is the most tragic character in After The Fall from these three as it stands right now at isuse 7?
Wes,Fred/Ilyria or Gunn?

6)What are your thoughts on the latest developments in Buffy season 8.Do you have your own guesses on who Twilight is?What are your thoughts on the upcoming Buffy/Fray crossover arc?What was your rwaction of the Buffy/Fray crossover news breaking on the heels of the future flashes with Spike and Angel?Have any thoughts on Buffy/Satsu and what Joss has said about them?Any thoughts on the various reactions in fandom over it?What do you think of the latest events in issue 14 and the death that looks to of happened at the end of the issue?

7)Who would win in a fight Angel's dragon or Dawnzilla?

8)What would your question be to the Paleyfest Buffy panel if you were an audience member?

Sophie said...

I loved the Kate story, it was great to see her again. What inspired you to choose her as a character to bring back and feature in First Night?

There have been so many fantastic covers for the Angel and upcoming Spike books. What are the elements that go into coming up with cover ideas? Is it sometimes hard to think up covers before you write the script?

Also really enjoying Everybody's Dead. Do you have a favorite character to write? If you could have someone from Everybody's Dead cross over in a one-shot or something with one character from Angel, whom would you pick? Finally, when is ED #3 coming out? Thanks!

Not This Girl, Not This Day said...

Hi Brian! I just want to first of all say I am totally in love with your writing right now.

Everything you are doing is amazing.

I absolutely love "Everybody's Dead" and that is the only non-Buffyverse comic I am reading right now. The only other non-Buffyverse stuff I was reading was "Runaways" but its non-existent right now so...

Your voices for everyone in ATF feel so spot on and just comfy there has not been anything really jarring that I can think of where it's like "whoa, he/she would never say that", so how do you do that?

Do you watch the shows religiously to make sure you have their voices down or do you just know them instinctually now like Joss and what gets written down is just goodness?

How often does it happen that you write a script and send it to Joss and he sends it back saying, "No, no, he/she wouldn't say that or they wouldn't say it like that"?

How much involvement does Joss have with Spike ATF? This is canon continuity correct? (I know, I know Spike hates official canon, lol, but it seems so important to everyone.)

Is the Spike story something that was your idea that you mostly got to plan out or was it something that Joss had in mind already and you get to flesh it out?

Do you feel like a kid in a candy store getting to write a whole canon Spike series?

I cannot tell you how excited I am that you, the best Spike writer out, will be continuing my favorite character's story.

And about "Everybody's Dead" are any of those awesome, hilarious characters based on people in your life, or do they all just come from the mind of Lynch?

I hope at least one of these questions is worth answering, and I hope that you continue to write in the Buffyverse and continue writing general awesomeness, if you're writing it, I'm there. You rock!

Enisy said...

Some more questions... Answer any and all you want/can.

- Which relationship's dynamic is the most interesting/fun to write so far? (Any kind of relationship, not necessarily romantic.)

- Have we seen the best (in your opinion) Angel: After the Fall plot twist, or is it still pending?

- Who are your top favourite characters in the Buffyverse? (Are you allowed to answer that? Joss has...)

- What's your opinion about fanfiction?

- Do you write in a linear fashion, or do you write whichever scene catches your eye first?

- Are Gunn and Gwen going to meet up at some point?

- What can you tell us about the Angel: After the Fall ending? Is it open, like Not Fade Away, or does it give the characters some form of closure, like Chosen?

Thanks for doing this for us. We'll be spoiled for any other writers. :)

Capt. Crankypants said...

Did Spike ever pay back the Loan Shark the kittens he owed him from season 6 of Buffy?

Are the Loan Shark's fishy minions the Sunnydale swim team?

Is the Lord that looks kinda like a Tuskan Raider the shaman that Giles is freinds with from Buffy? A lot of people seem to be assuming it is.

In season 3 of Buffy we learn that vampires are immune to telepathy, yet George seems to get past this. How so?

What was going through Angel's head when he challenged the demon Lords to a battle. Did he actually have a plan or was he commiting suicide? I have trouble believing that Angel actually thought that he could take on a T-rex and a she-Skip, even with a fancy sword.

I really liked Wiseu from "Assylum", he was an awesome villain. How old is he compared to Spike?

What's the process involved when you want to use a Buffy character like the Loan Shark or slayers? Do you have to ask permission from Dark Horse?

What's the deal with Future!Spike holding the scythe? Will it be significant? Is it THE scythe?

Are werewolves/dragons/splendin-beasts different types of demon, or are they seperate creatures entirely?

Is Wesley's corpse out there somewhere, or was his body re-animated then turned incorporial?

Can you post a photo of your sideburns on your next blog entry?

So vampires in Hell-A constantly feel like they're about to burst into flames? And they feel euphoric at the same time? Does the euphoria come from the full moon?

Do vampires go to the bathroom? Will this issue be explored in depth in After the Fall? It's something that I've often wondered.

The demonic residents of Hell-A such as Burge and the giant spiders ect, were they previously living in LA, or were they previously living in the strange Hell dimension?

Thanks muchly and keep up the awesome work.

grr argh said...

What's the deal with Conner getting his memories back again? Didn't he already have them? Did W&H just make them more vivid?

Becky said...

Wow, some people ask a lot of questions. I've only got one though.

Wesley is doomed to never be happy, isn't he?


Enisy said...

Capt. Crankypants, Brian said Spike wasn't holding Buffy's Scythe in that panel. His is "more homemade", apparently.

Flashdisk said...

Hello there,

I was wondering,

What was the plan of the Senior Partners in the apocalypse? From what I remember it, they said it was “the big one” or “the slow slide to hell.” Then looking at the circle of the black thorn especially the senator I thought are they trying to corrupt humanity by obtaining influential positions in society? So I was wondering, is the plan of the Senior Partners to corrupt humanity, hence making humans turn the earth into a hell dimension by their own hands?

In your opinion, was Angel's actions correct taking into account that LA ended up falling into hell or becoming hell, if it meant he saved the entire world?

What's so important about the earth that beings such as the Senior Partners want to have it?

Is it really the earth they want or the people in it?

It seems that the Senior Partners have had a large influence on the earth, on civilization on society etc. for quite a while. What changes did they bring about the human civilization?

How have the powers that be fought back against the Senior Partners?

How did the Senior Partners become so powerful? And how many dimensions do they control?

Could Wesley gain the same ability that Spike and Pavayne did when they were incorporeal?

It seems Gunn is making a team of super vamps, making them fight slayers as training or to weed out the weak. Why does he need such a strong team? Are they really that strong that they can go toe to toe with Slayers. Are we going to see how powerful this team Gunn really is?

Will Gunn be dust by the end of the series?

PS. could you have Angel keep the flaming sword, it really looks good, especially if he's using it on a frozen land like the picture in issue 10 seems to show. Besides, Buffy has a super scythe, why not give Angel at least a flaming sword?

Dragon Jae X said...

Hello and I wanted to say you have done an amazing job with Characters that I have grown very fond of over the years. Thank you for caring about that, but now to my question.

I know the standard response to the Angel and Buffy comments (Will we see Buffy in the Angel comics,or why not?), is that her and Angel's romance had run it's course and they each have their own tales to tell, but realistically do you think that Angel and Buffy is truly over? They fed off eachother and watching the TV series after they were split up, the references both named and implied made such a huge impact on the characters decisions, even up to them relying on eachother in the final episodes for both series. Angel in Buffy, and Angel going to Giles and Willow (help not received) to save Fred. Do you truly feel you can end Angel's saga without at least implying closure once and for all with his true love?

flashdisk said...

Another question. It seems in the cover of issue 10, Illyria keeps on raising her hand as if she still had time distortion powers. Can she now do it again, since it seemed to me she doesn't really have control over her powers yet. But does this mean she has some other long range attacks/abilities?

Illyria seems to have great knowledge about the past or the origins of many things in the Buffy verse. Will you ever expand on what she knows?

Is there really going to be a loving relationship between Spike and Illyria?

I can't wait to read more about this Spike/Frillyria/Wesley love triangle.

Is the glamour that's hiding the fact that Angel is human hidden some place or is he keeping it inside of his body, kind of like a pace maker? Is it giving him superhuman strength or just durability?

What are the side effects of using such a device?

What other weaponry did Angel bring to the battle in issue 5, that were provided by Grue?

What's the name of the dragon?

Do all employees of Wolfram and Hart have a standard perpetuity clause in their contracts forcing them to work for them even after death?

Where does Spike get his supply of blood? Where does Angel and rest of the humans get their rations when LA is seemingly cut off from its normal means of supply? More importantly, where are they getting their water?

Is there another strange new interesting dimension beyond the forcefield surrounding LA? Or is it the rest of the earth? What are the people outside trying to do?

Flashdisk said...

Regarding the question about supply, I mean I don't think resources in an enclosed space will last that long especially in LA. Looting probably won't be enough. I also saw that the body of water in the comic near where Connor is hiding out seems a bit weird with creatures in it. The supply of blood should also be running low since businesses such as hospitals and butcher shops are probably closed. Where are they getting resources. Could there still be an open supply line some where? Or are there resources being brought in from the outside?

Flashdisk said...

To clarify my question earlier, does Wesley have the ability of Spike and Pavayne to move stuff though incorporeal?

Deborah said...

Just read the issue, Brian. Enjoyed it enormously. Wesley is one smart guy.

My questions about this issue:

Was that Eve pretending to be Fred? The snake and the strategic fig-leaf are a bit of a give-away, but I still wonder.

Will we find out who Kate's weapons supplier is? Is it anyone we've already seen in the book?

Will we find out how Gunn's vamps captured the Slayers (if that's what they did)?

A general question now:

How do you and Joss cope with the demands of the various 'shipper groups, all wanting their relationship of choice validated as the One True Pairing, without going nuts?

Loki said...

Copping out of thinking up any new ones and just repating my questions from last time around, methinks... I haven't gotten any big new questions since then anyway. Hoping that's okay. If not, then, you know, ignore me thoroughly.

What's with the "Angel being human so he needs to shave"-gag? It works and it's funny and all, but it seems really clumsy to me too mess with tons of established continuity of vampires gaining and losing hair-length/styles and in Angelus' case even mustaches to suddenly say that vampires don't shave. Especially when all you get out of it is a minor gag, no matter how well it works. Is there a side to this that I'm not seeing? I hope so. I know it's a minor thing, but it's the kind of half-working continuity that detracts from my reading-experience of what's going on as "real", so I hope there's some simple way of explaining it away.

Second, his breaking of the fourth wall, going, to the reader, "I was as surprised as you". Don't have equally big a problem with this as the shaving-thing, but I'm curious, how much thought did you put into doing that? Seems like a rather big risk, story-telling-wise, and I don't think Angel's ever done that before.

The third one isn't as much of a problem as it's a very surprising comment of Lorne's. He seems to think Fred's soul is in heaven. While he might of course have been lying or wrong, it was rather clearly established in "Shells" by Dr. Sparrow that Fred's soul was obliberated, and it seemed that Wesley, Gunn and Angel - and probably Spike, too, as he after that seemed to lay down his and Angel's plans of getting her soul back - all believed him. Is Lorne willfully disagreeing with them and believing Fred to be in Heaven despite the doctor's comments, or was he simply never told about this extra bit of horridness by the others? Fred's loss of her soul, making her only remains the small pieces of her left in Illyria, was very crucial to especially Wesley's grieving process in season 5 and, it seems, to the plot of "After the Fall" as well. So it seems odd to, without any form of explanation, having Lorne undermine the established facts surrounding it in a throwaway comment. Hopefully this is something we'll be explained later on, but if it isn't, I'd really like to know.

sarahi said...

Capt. crankypants, you have a point about whether or not vampires go to the bathroom. When Giles said vampires are "supposed" to drink blood, I figured that vampires only need blood to survive and since they're clinically dead they wouldn't be able to process food. Of course that wouldn't account for the certain reason why embalmers have to sew up orifices. Anyway, if Angel can drink coffee, and Spike can drink alcohol and hot chocolate with marshmallows and eat flowered onions and buffalo wings, where does it all go, right? You'd think someone would notice if it all just stayed in.

Speaking of bodily issues, I have one more question. How exactly was it that Angel and Darla were able to have Connor? Was it a PTB-induced fluke, or can vampires with souls have children, providing that the woman is fertile or was at the time of death? If Angel was no longer impotent because he had a soul, would the same thing go for any vampire with a soul?

Ladypeyton said...

Sheesh. The Bangels just never give up, do they? *eyeroll* It's been almost a decade since they split up. Get over it already.

My question is will we ever find out who was impersonating Fred? I understand you said somewhere that it wasn't Eve but was it Lilah? Or some unimportant, random charcter never to be seen again?

Ladypeyton said...

Sarahi: Angel and Darla's ability to have children was explained by Skip when the show was still on the air. When Angel was trying to save a still living, but critically ill Darla he went through a trial to save her life. Since Darla had already been given a second chance, Jasmine manipulated the mystical life giving forces that Angel won in the trial to give them a son, in order that she could some day ultimately be born.

Loki said...

I thought of another one! (Yay me?) The chapter-headlines that were in the first two issues, where did they go after that? (Because I'm having doubts we're still in chapter 2) I miss'em. (And I'm also wondering about how that'll work in the TPB, when the first two issues have that kind of headline-pages and the rest don't)

Enisy said...

Deborah, this is what Brian said on IDW: "It wasn't Eve, no. Wolfram & Hart were tempting Wesley with the promise of his lady, so they were just going for some symbolic imagery."

Anonymous said...

First things first, this issue was way too short! I think you could have squeezed in one more short story. :) How about Nina? Since she's a part of the story we should find out what she did on that night as well.

Meanwhile, yay Kate is back!!!
Now I didn't really like her character but I hate the way she was dropped so this was a fun re-introduction to her story and she's definitely more fun in comic form.

You said early on you had fun writing for a character that you didn't like on the show. Was it Connor or Kate?

Also, one of Cordelia's last words to Angel were "I'll be seeing you" Do you suspect this had a bigger meaning? Maybe now she is actually a higher power? Anything but dead please!! :)

Alicia "Kaden" Hackney said...

I have got to say, this isn't really a question because I want to be surprised by what's coming up... but I swear, I'm as elated as a kitten with a ball of yarn at seeing Kate back. I always thought Kate was a really awesome character and I was wondering what had happened to her since Angel saved her. So major thank you for bringing back an old fave of mine.

Hmmm, I should post a question anyway... got to think of something... hmmm... Ok, so how much more in depth with the Fred/Illyria thing will you be going in Spike: ATF?

Niles Cavanaugh said...

Hey man. Is the Party Truck ever going to ride again soon?

Anonymous said...

Ok not sure if anyone ask this but picture of Spike in furture, does that mean anything at all or was it just somthing to cool to put in. Cuz he is holding somthing important. And yeah realize u can't really answer that.


flashdisk said...

By the way, great comic! :)

ryan said...

1) The Dragon stalemates Illyria but is incapcitated easily in chains by Burges Henchmen, was this downplaying intentional, plot induced OR was it to make the story interesting?

2) Did the Dragon forget in #5 he could exhale fire and fry that t-rex + everyone else?

3) I said on Myspace in your blog "can't wait for for the Kate story", guess the wait wasn't that long and i was right?


Flashdisk said...

K, :D

Some more questions!

In Franco Urru's cover for Spike After the Fall #3, is Illyria's hair flowing with the wind or is it swaying around like an appendage or flowing out due to her power(I'm thinking super saiyan like)

Does Spike continue to bleach his hair every now and again platinum blond since hair color from my understanding fades after some time.

If Angel is only learning how to shave now, does this mean he used to have to go to a barber shop to have a shave or rely on his great regenerative capabilities to overcome the cuts, abrasions he would get while shaving without seeing his reflection.

Do the Senior Partners know that Angel is human? And if so why do they still need him?

Are werewolves immortal like vampires as in they don't grow old and can only be killed through such things as silver bullets? Does this mean Nina actually has high regenerative capabilities similar to vampires? (the Werewolves in such movies such as Underworld are immortal how about Angelverse werewolves?) Will Nina gain almost full control over her powers one day?

Flashdisk said...

K, :D

Some more questions!

In Franco Urru's cover for Spike After the Fall #3, is Illyria's hair flowing with the wind or is it swaying around like an appendage or flowing out due to her power(I'm thinking super saiyan like)

Does Spike continue to bleach his hair every now and again platinum blond since hair color from my understanding fades after some time.

If Angel is only learning how to shave now, does this mean he used to have to go to a barber shop to have a shave or rely on his great regenerative capabilities to overcome the cuts, abrasions he would get while shaving without seeing his reflection.

Do the Senior Partners know that Angel is human? And if so why do they still need him?

Are werewolves immortal like vampires as in they don't grow old and can only be killed through such things as silver bullets? Does this mean Nina actually has high regenerative capabilities similar to vampires? (the Werewolves in such movies such as Underworld are immortal how about Angelverse werewolves?) Will Nina gain almost full control over her powers one day?

Brian Lynch said...

And we're out!

flashdisk said...

Sorry about the last part, double post. Computer stalled a bit so I refreshed. :D

Thanks for answering our questions!

Anonymous said...

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