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Last ATF Answers Part VI

This is it! The last round of questions, re: ANGEL:ATF. Let's go!
Veiriti said...

Hello, Mr. Lynch,
I'm so excited about new Spike comic book series and I made a trailer. Actually it is a Spike spin-off tv series trailer, but I included some comic book characters. And as a huge fan of Spike I would be really happy to see your comic book stories for Spike on tv series. I hope you'll like my fan trailer!;)

LOVE IT! Thanks, that was really cool.

When is coming out the first issue of the new Spike comic book series?

Not sure. I am writing up an outline for the first bunch of issues now. I’d hate to give a definite month just yet.

SaveALemming said...

Ooh! Thought of an Angel/Spike related question-

With Spike saying he knows George in the last few issues of After the Fall; I like to believe that Asylum and Shadow Puppets are now canon.

All it really means is that Spike and George have history. Sure, I picture them hanging out at Mosaic, but the readers of ATF that haven’t read ASYLUM don’t have to know specifics about their relationship for the scenes to work. In fact, if you haven’t read ASYLUM, I think Spike just happening to be pals with the fish is a funny, surprising moment.

And yeh, I'm sure you're sick of the whole canon vs non-canon crap online,

Words can’t describe.

but I was wondering when you'd place Asylum and Shadow Puppets in Angel continuity.... if you had to. I keep thinking Asylum may have been around Smile Time time (who's to say Lorne doesn't like heading off to Vegas for the odd show? We don't see him constantly at the office in Season 5) And Shadow Puppets is sometime after Fred's death but before Girl In Question. Does this sound about right? I know it's not important, but I'm oddly anal retentive about timelines and love for things to fit together. Especially if it means George is canon. (And Beck and Tok, they rock too... but mostly George)

Not sure. Terrible answer, I know. I’m sorry, it’s been a while since I wrote those. Your calendar sounds good, though, let’s go with that.

Jen said...

I loved the series, Brian! You added a lot of colorful characters to it. Who was you favorite villian/big bad to write?

Definitely Gunn. I know I didn’t create him, but I did get to give him a new state of mind and “voice”. Plus his story in, I think issue 23, is among my favorite scripts. It came out fantastic.

Beyond him, I would say Non is a-number-1. She is a lot of fun to write, I think she fits in with the classic characters very well. I could see her on the TV show, if that makes sense. Kr’ph is a blast, and Smile Time’s Japanese faction in SHADOW PUPPETS was a joy to write. And Dr. Ray from ASYLUM was a handsome devil, wasn’t he?

Also if our still looking for ringtones for Angel, how about Soul Meets Body by Deathcab for Cutie.

I think we’re keeping “The Girl From Iponema” for the trade, but I think Spike will need new ringtones for the solo series, so thank you!

Anonymous Flashdisk said...

Here is my question:

Will you be writing a continuation of Angel after aftermath?

I am writing a Gunn follow-up in issue 23 and a Drusilla AFTER THE FALL tale with Juliet Landau (still can’t get over that) in issues 24-25.

marvel-knight said...

It's really great of you to answer all the questions, I will ask mine again :)

There is something I really can’t understand. Here it is – Wolfram and Hart really wanted Angel to fulfill his destiny, the Shanshu, right? But then why did they want him to sign it off?

Wolfram & Hart asking Angel to sign away his Shanshu was a test of Angel’s commitment. They wanted to see if he was truly on board, and him signing away the thing that means the most to him was the way to do it.

Why? In issue 12 Wes says that they never filed it, because the whole LA was sent to Hell.

They got new info, they worked quickly to carry it out. “Oh Angel will help us win? Well, we just had him sign it away.” Not exact words (but truly emmy-worthy dialog, no?), but Wolfram & Hart seems to think he’ll be the fall of all that is good, and took drastic steps to put him on the right track for that.

But will they file it now?

Doubtful, right?

Do they really want it to be filed and if not – why did they ask Angel to sing it anyway?

Now they asked Angel to sing stuff? Wolfram & Hart IS cruel!

And if they wanted it to be filed - why didn't they do it when they brought LA back from Hell?

They don’t anymore, I would assume, huh?

Thanks for the great story. We will really miss you :)

Thank you, very very much.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the series Brian! Angel was actually slipping from my mind before you brought it back in comic form, and I'd just like to thank you for re-introducing such a colorful mythology to me. One thing that's been bothering me for awhile now is how Fred/SeniorPartners said in First Night: Wesley that Wesley would be the reason that SeniorPartners win (somewhat paraphrasing since I don't have the issue in front of me). Issue 16 confused me though since he really won it for Angel there. What was Wesley SUPPOSED to have done for the SeniorPartners or did the Senior Partners anticipate that he would be the key to undoing everything? If so, then why would they bother bringing him back? Thanks again Brian!

Well, a big part of it was having Wesley deliver the news to Angel that HE was the fall of man (much easier to believe if Wesley tells him). But the big reason was in issues 16/17. Angel won the day, he and Wesley figured out a way to make it all go away, which Wolfram & Hart figured/feared he would…BUT if did so, he’d return to a time when Wesley was dead. It was a quick turn of the knife, so even when Angel triumphed, it felt like a defeat.

Remember when Connor died and Wolfram & Hart said it happened sooner than they thought, but it was going to happen eventually…that’s because (a substantial) part of W&H’s plan was to take away what mattered to Angel…so with Wesley gone, they succeeded. Angel feels alone (as evidenced in issue 17), and that’s not good, Angel needs the human connection.

That’s it for now! Thanks guys!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Want a SIGNED ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL wedding variant?

We're gonna do it again. A signed copy of the ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL wedding comic. I signed it, so don't get TOO excited, it's not Whedon's signature. But I will personalize it if you want.

Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested. Thanks guys!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Last ATF Answers Part V

I'm gonna answer more questions! Forgive the wacky layout of these Q and A, for some reason, they're always so wonky. Okay, let's go!


Brian, your love and ownership for Spike's character is, I think, unique for the comic Buffyverse. I don't think any other writer, save for Joss, has taken a liking to a character from the show quite like you. Now that you have time to stretch out Spike over an extended run, what are some of the things you are looking forward to?

Thank you for your kind words! I look forward into plunging into Spike and really getting into all facets of his personality. Romantic, bad boy, poet, smart-ass, older brother, little brother, randy uncle, hero, antihero, I want this book to be a primer on the character. And he's spearheading an ongoing series for the first time, so we'll have a long narrative that is all about Spike. When Angel guest stars, it'll still be Spike's narration we hear, not Angel's. I'm gonna get around his head and root around all areas.

Also if I may, how will this series differ from your work on ATF?
Basically the lead character is very different, and that means a different tone. Also, it'll be more like a TV show, with a bunch of smaller stories trading off with a bigger, overall arc.

Thanks for the questions!

DeleteArtemis said...

Okay, I have a couple of things to say, and I apologize in advance for rambling. On the plus-side, it's just a read, not something to be answered.

1) I've told you several times that my favorite character is Wesley. My favorite issue of AtF was Wes's first night. Absolutely beautiful, man!

2) Despite Wes being my favorite, one of the most striking moments for me from your series did not feature Wes at all. It was when Spike discovers that Angel is human. He looked heartbroken, then started babbling out weight-related insults at Angel while searching for cigarettes. In the meantime, Angel's thought bubbles noted Spike's reaction and sympathized with him rather than being annoyed with what Spike was saying. I just loved that, b/c you managed to get such great characterizations for BOTH vamps. Writers focus on the Angel/Spike rivalry, which is great, but insightful writers in this verse also realize that there are other levels to that relationship, that there is a kinship there.

3) While we're on the topic of characterization, I have to congratulate you for getting Angel soooo right, especially in light of your Spike-centric background. Angel doesn't speak a lot, and in other comics, this usually translates into someone who doesn't think a lot, either. Angel thinks, and he has a sense of humor (albeit somewhat muted), so it's great to see a writer that gets that!

4) Finally, I wouldn't change anything you've done with the series so far, nor would I want you to move over to Dark Horse, but god how I wish you could have the opportunity to write Giles! You did such a job with my favorite character; I just wish you could write my second favorite. Giles/Ripper is awesome! Are there any other Buffyverse characters you wish you could write?

Thank you for all those compliments. Very sweet of you. I would love to write Giles. Would want to tackle Xander (not like that) and Faith (kinda like that) and Buffy herself.

February 13, 2009 9:34 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will the Spike series have a rolling series of guest characters or a cast of regulars, or some of both? Do you plan to have a mix of show characters and OCs?

Thanks for answering.

We'll have different characters come in and out, but it will also have a main cast. A very small one. Both show characters and original characters will be featured.

Anonymous Shep said...

Who is your favourite character from the entire series (both show and comics) and why?
If there isn't a particular favourite then who was the most difficult character to write, explore, and develop, and why?

I know a lot of people think I'm going to say Spike, but I honestly don't have a favorite. It's strange, I would say Angel or Spike or Illyria, but it's definitely whoever I'm writing at the moment. For instance, just wrote a Gunn-centric issue and he, for the days I was writing it, became the greatest character ever. And then Illyria makes an appearance and she becomes the greatest character ever. I really adore these guys. All of them.
Though, I will say, Lorne and Groo are just pure joy to write dialog for. Just plain fun.

As for most difficult, I think a lot of writers in the past, both tv and comic, would say Angel. I clicked with him (at least, I hope I did) pretty quickly, Illyria took a few scenes before I felt comfortable.

I had a problem with some of the original characters. For instance, Kr'ph was a lot of fun in issue 1, but his return in issue 17 was kinda difficult. He has a very specific way of talking and it was weird to capture that again.

That's it for now! Thanks guys!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thank you

I just checked Amazon and saw that SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL is in the 25 graphic novels at Thank you thank you! You guys rock.

And hey, if you're digging more horror/adventure/comedy written by me, you can download EVERYBODY'S DEAD # 1-5 for really cheap BY CLICKING HERE!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wanna Read EVERYBODY'S DEAD without leaving your home?

A lot of people told me they wanted to read EVERYBODY'S DEAD but couldn't find it in their comic store. Well, now you can grab copies of the comic online in beautiful PDF form. Each issue is actually cheaper than cover price, which is nice. Just go---


Fans of my work with ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL, SPIKE, or, um, my twitter feed, now you can read a NEW horror/comedy/adventure and see if it's your cup of tea. There's romance, monsters, comedy, more monsters, the fighting of monsters, awesome characters, and beautiful art by the super talented Dave Crosland.

Please spread the word! And tell me what you think!

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Last ATF Answers Part IV

I gotta keep this one short because work is calling, but I didn't want to slack on answering questions, so I'll try a couple:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing a great series that was worthy of Joss Whedon himself.

Anonymous, you are quite wonderful for saying so. I don't agree, but thank you.

So is the shanshu question resolved as to who it is for and is it up for grabs still or was the talk between our two vampires more about just trying to cheer the other up about the future?

That remains to be seen. Wolfram & Hart, however, really seemed to bank on the fact that it was Angel who was going to shanshu after causing the downfall of all that is good. I mean, they REALLY believed it, so much so that they poured all their resources into kickstarting that destiny. But, still, who knows what the future could bring?


First of all: I totally loved 'Angel: ATF'! You did really great work!! (I admit I was very sceptic - not 'bout your work, but 'bout a continuation after 'Not Fade Away')

Thank you! I was also extremely skeptic, to be honest.

Now, with Wolfram&Hart gone - only for now, I s'pose/hope - just one question: any chance that we'll see our favourite little bastard Lindsey again? (because we know that dead doesn't have to mean dead in whedonverse)

I will say that I have no plans for it as of yet. Love the character, though.

Okay, back to work!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Last ATF Answers Part III

Let's keep the answer train comin'!

Chapel_Perilous said...

This is probably one whose answer is "I don't know" but:

Are the After the Fall and Season 8 time lines concurrent in any way (will we see a crossover, are the events of one affecting the other, are they going to share characters)?

It seems like AtF ended with a coinciding plot to Season 8, but it doesn't seem like they're going to meld, anyway.Delete

Don't know the future plans of the BUFFY book. Sorry man and/or lady.
OpenID enisy said...

I think you'd told me to get back to this question after the series was over, so... In hindsight, is there anything you'd change about "Angel: After the Fall" and "Spike: After the Fall", if you had the chance to do them all over again? (Because the fans didn't quite "get" it, or because you think you could have done better, or or or...

No regrets! That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Well, someone just asked who that glowing guy was in SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL, so maybe I would have made that more clear. I really wish FIRST NIGHT came out as one big book, so the main story didn't have to take such a long breather.


Anonymous Angelman said...

HI Brian,
Are there definately plans for an ongoing Angel title after the Aftermath and Drusilla issues are done. After hearing all the news about the Spike series (and that Angel will be in it), and nothing more about the Angel....just wanna make sure:)

February 13, 2009 3:04 AMDelete

Oh yes, there are plans.
Blogger SaveALemming said...

I can't think of any questions related to Spike or Angel at the moment (and I've gushed aplenty about them at the AngryNakedPat Board) so I'm gonna ask something esle that's been bugging me a bit:

What happened to The Sims movie? Your bloggy thingy used to make reference to writing a movie based on a popular video game and that's gone, the IMDb page is gone.... Is the movie gone? No big loss, if it is I suppose, and definitely not if it had another writer; I just thought it could be a fun concept with you at the writery helm.

As always keep up the good work!Delete

I will try, thanks! After coming up with the story and pitching the story and then writing the outline and first draft, I think Fox has it out to different writers. I guess the plan is to rewrite me, or start from scratch, but I honestly have no idea. I just hope if my name's on it, it doesn't stink. That's all I hope. Oh, and I'd like a DeLoreon. And a talking fish.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After hearing that you are working with JL, are you having a fan reaction similar to, WOW!Delete

Yes, I'm excited...and more than a little impressed with her work ethic. She has eighty projects going on (including a play wherein she plays, I believe, 7 different characters) and she's still taking the time to work really hard on the story for these two issues. I feel terrible because my east coast/cold/flu sickness has set me back on writing as much as I'd like (hence the blogging) because Juliet is juggling a billion different projects AND still doing amazing work on this one. You guys are gonna be impressed, I think.
Oh, and she's really nice. Really really nice.
Blogger Bitsy said...

What are you reading right now that you think fans of Buffy and Angel would get into? Shill for IDW if the opportunity presents itself, sir.

Off the top of my head: SCOTT PILGRIM (any volume), WORMWOOD:GENTLEMAN CORPSE (any story), anything Geoff Johns writes, LOCKE & KEY, THE WALKING DEAD, BOOSTER GOLD, Millar and McNiven's run on WOLVERINE and I just read a sneaky pete of the first issue of Ryall and Templesmith's GROOM LAKE and it is awesome: gory, scary, hilarious.
That was a good batch! Thanks guys!

Last ATF Answers Part II

Second part...

Scarlet Ibis said...

I'm daring to dream here, but on a scale of one to ten, what is the probability of there ever being a Spike/Angel (concrete and not just a hint at) pairing? And how do you feel about the two of them?Delete

AnonymousLike, dating? I'd say maybe a three? And Xander can videotape.

I love Angel, and I love Spike. And if those two crazy kids want to be together, then I will support their decision.

Emmie said...

Not a question here, but I just wanted to say thank you for the interview you did with Buffyfest at NYCC (I'm midway through the second part right now). I really appreciate all the time give you give to interacting with the fans and it was great to actually see you talking about the characters. Your enthusiasm and love for them and their story shone through.Delete

It was my pleasure. Buffyfest peeps were awesome, by the way. Four of the nicest people I met at Comic Con. Good times.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. Im new here-
Just wanted to know something...

who was that "electric man" (or demon) that Spike saw in "Spike: ATF"?
(You know, the man who was on fire on that house that the Dragon told Spike to go)Delete

It was Angel.

Anonymous Allycat said...

It was announced that you're going to write an on-going Spike-series which will run along close to the Angel-series. You also said you were too busy to write the Angel-series yourself as well. Will you be taking an executive producer role over the Angel-series, given the fact that you have a larger overall view of the Angel-part of the Buffyverse?

Nope, again, time constraints. I have to earn a living, lest my house get taken away and I am forced to write SPIKE scripts on napkins. So my day job (screenwriting) only kinda allows for writing one comic on the side. But if any writers have any questions, I try to help best I can.

Will the on-going Spike series have a subtitle and if so, what will it be?

I kinda wanted to call it THE ADVENTURES OF SPIKE, just to make it sound different from books that came before it. Also toyed with SPIKE UNLIMITED. But it'll probably just be "SPIKE". The different arcs will have subtitles, though.

Beck and Tok are rumoured to show up in the new series. So, will readers need to be familiar with Asylum and Shadow Puppets to understand the new series?

Nope. We'll take time in the SPIKE series to explain who everyone is. BUT if people have read ASYLUM or SHADOW PUPPETS, it'll make the experience all the more fun.
And besides, people should read them. They're good. I wanna hardcover ASYLUM/SHADOW PUPPETS. Please! No? Okay, fine...

...that's it for now, more later!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last ATF Answers Part I

I asked for questions, and you guys delivered! Gonna do them whenever I have some free time, so let's get this started!


Emmie asked the following:

What is the meaning of life?

...for Spike?

...for Angel?

...for Gunn?

...for Illyria?

...for Connor?

Basically, how do you see them approaching the world?


Hmmmm. I'll try and figure out what each character wants at the end of AFTER THE FALL, if that's okay. Kind of a WIZARD OF OZ deal.
SPIKE: Wants to know his place in the world, but I'd have to say his world revolves around being in love and being loved.

ANGEL: I think Kelley tackles this one right off, so I'll leave that to her. But I will sayAngel thinks his purpose is determining how to help, how to make things right, how to be the best man he can be.

GUNN: If he ever wakes up? He's got a lot going on. He's gonna want peace of mind above all else.

ILLYRIA: She's of two minds, if you catch my drift. I think she'd love some clarity.

CONNOR: Connor's nothing but untapped potential: a blank slate in terms of love, destiny, his future is wide open on all accounts, and that's gotta be a weird place to be in. He can do whatever he wants, and he has to decide which direction he wants to go in. Normal life/life of a hero? Forgive Gwen or move on? Assist his Dad, break out on his own?

Did that answer your question? I hope so.

Wyndam asks:


Any early ideas/plans for the extras in the 4th HC? 3rd volume isn't out until next month (can't wait!), so we probably won't see it for a few more months, but any info would be awesome!


Kinda early, but maybe go over all the storylines we didn't pursue? Maybe the original unused pitch? I think more Franco art would be wonderful.


PatShand has asked:

1. What were your favorite scenes to write in Angel: After the Fall?

I answer this in ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL vol.3 hardcover, but I will say I loved writing the Connor/Kate story in FIRST NIGHT, Angel/Cordy scenes, Gunn/George in issues 2 and 10, all of issues 15 and 16, and the Wesley/Illyria scene in 9.

2. What, do you think, was the strongest issue?

I think 16 is the best. Keep in mind I planned for 17 to actually be a double issue with 16, so I'm kinda counting that as part of 16. I think the last chunk of issues is the best all around. But I also love the Connor/Kate story in FIRST NIGHT and all of SPIKE:ATF, particularly the first two issues.

3. You said when the series was finished, you'd tell us some of the ideas of yours that Joss said were a no go. Can we hear 'em?

I'll save that for the hardcover to vol. 4. But we considered, however briefly, Spike and Nina being together. CUE THE INTERNET BITCHING!

4. What was your biggest, unexpected, happy surprise in writing the book? Like, what did you not expect to write but it just came out?

I also tackle this in ANGEL volume 3, but here's a new answer: I never thought I'd get to write SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL. In fact, I didn't really want to when IDW asked if I had an idea for a spin-off (just because of time considerations) but man, am I glad I did. My life was literally nothing but writing for the months I did that (no, that's not true, I also moved into a new house those months) but the end result was a pretty awesome story, one I really love reading. And Non is now out there in the universe, so that's nice.

5. What would you liked to have explored more?

Living in hell, mostly. How awful that must have been. Plus Nina, Connor and Gwen's relationship, and more of Lorne governing Los Angeles.

6. Think the movie theatre chick ever got to see what crazy homeless soup eater did 'for her'?

Almost included them in issue 17, but didn't have the space. But I think she probably died in hell (pretty quickly actually) but is back and probably a little messed up. And because the crazy homeless guy rose up and flourished in hell, he's better off. So now their roles are switched. What? You asked!

7. And, since this number is lucky, and I'm pushing my luck with this many questions, this is my last one: Any favorite moments from the overall experience of adding to the mythos of your favorite show?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I kinda dig what we did with Connor, we changed that character and made him kinda cool, which is nice. But the whole thing, really, was an honor and a trip.

Thanks in advance. You're the man, as always, for doing this.

Thank you, sincerely, for caring as much as you do. It was a pleasure to read your reviews every week.

Okay, first three questioneers answered! Thanks guys!


Anything you want to ask me about ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL or SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL? Or about anything,'em in the comment section of this blog and I will answer my heart out.

Inappropriate questions will be met with a "good day sir or madam", but appropriate questions will TOTALLY get answered with vim and vigor in a future blog.

Questions to avoid:

"What involvement will Joss have with __________?" (Answer: I don't know)

"Will Kelley Armstrong's arc have ____________?" (Answer: I don't know)

"You better not have ____________ in upcoming comics." (Answer: that wasn't a question)

"Was it your idea or Joss' idea to have __________ do__________ in ATF?" (Answer: I don't remember)

"Will you go on a dream date with me?" (Answer: I'm married, sorry)

And let's go! ONE QUESTION EACH, thanks!

Found the SPIKE:ATF hardcover!

It is AWESOME. Jam-packed with tons of extra Franco art, some notes from me, plus the complete SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL story. And whereas Angel's ATF books are a nice dark red, this one is golden. Same design, same fonts, but different color, so it stands out a bit. Sweet, sweet embossed shiny gold logo too.

Love how it came out. You can pick one up here:

They have the wrong cover there, as you can see. But that's the book.

Wizard reviews ANGEL:ATF 17

They dig it!


IDW Publishing
Brian Lynch (W)/ Franco Urru (A)
"Acting as an afterword to 'After the Fall,' this issue of Angel catches up on the crew following the new 'everybody loves Angel because he saved us from Hell' status quo. Spike and Angel have moved a bit toward a 'Lethal Weapon' style duo, Gunn's in a coma, Illyria is watching over him and each and every baddy Angel killed in hell is back among the loving after the reset button was pushed–Yep, that's the nasty catch you knew had to be part of the heroes' win outcome of 'AtF.' Essentially reaffirming that classic Angel maxim 'I'm Angel: I'm not perfect but I'm trying hard to help,' this isn't an essential issue, but reinforces all the fun possibilities of life in an Angel-friendly Los Angeles. The epic 'After the Fall' maybe over, but looks like Lynch still has plenty of stories to tell here."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wow, SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL hardcover tomorrow too!

I am so excited to see it. I'll be on a plane tomorrow so I won't get a chance to go buy one until Thursday, but man, it will fun to sit down with this and read it straight through. Hope you guys like!

ANGEL 17 tomorrow!

My last trip to the Whedonverse for a little while. I do hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm here! Comic Con Bound! Tomorrow I'll be at the IDW panel over at 3:15. Come say hi! I will say hi back! I'm excited!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heading East

Getting on a plane tomorrow morning, heading to New Jersey (and New York Comic Con). I will miss California, and my dog, and I am scared of flying, but I'm looking forward to the trip. Hope to see a bunch of you at the NYCC!