Thursday, May 22, 2008

Answering Questions Part 2

We have more! For you!

Warning: some spoilers about whether or not 2 certain blonds will be appearing in AFTER THE FALL. We cover surprises, easiest characters to write, most difficult characters to write, artist wishlists, and I ramble about Spider. Because this is off the cuff and there are no edits. Jazz on the scene comic Q and A!

So CLICK HERE and listen!


Fenderlove said...

Great podcast yet again!
Here's my friend's tattoo. I asked her to send me a photo of it, but her digital is kinda crappy. In person, you can really see all the details and the colours aren't so dark. She's planning on doing a whole Spike: Asylum "mural" on her calf, but she was scared of how much pain was involved so she got George first. I think she's planning on adding more fins to George to flow into the "background" around the other characters. It was drawn and inked by the friendly folks at Fresh Inks in Murfreesboro, TN.
Click here for the picture!

Eliot said...

thanks for doing this! I always appreciate when creators take the time to interact with their audiences

and I definitely appreciate the effort to keep things as spoiler-free as possible :-)

hope to hear more Q&A from you in the future!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting answers again, Brian, especially what you said about Spider.

I'm one of the people who doesn't like her, and have to admit that's partly because so far, I don't trust her an inch. If you say she means what she says about Spike then I'll take your word for it, but I honestly thought, from some of the things she's said/done that she didn't mean it and was just using him because she wants to get to Illyria through him.

Will also admit another reason I'm not keen on her is her name. It suggests she's manipulative and is trying to 'bind Spike in her web' to get him to do what she wants.

Doesn't help that I don't like spiders anyway.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Brian, you're the coolest!

I assumed Gunn's sire would be a returning character because it's been kept under wraps so far. Could be wrong.

As for Spider, I theeenk most of the protests might be related to Spider's villainous vibe, and to 'shipping (like, people are resistant to 'ships involving characters established from the TV show and comic characters, or to new Spike 'ships in general). My initial reservations about the comic continuations have disappeared now, so I mainly just find her interesting. :)

The Xander episode you have in mind is "The Zeppo", by the way.

Oh, and if anyone's interested, I've got another transcript here.

Looking forward to the next part!

ryan said...

I like Nina but I don't see her as anything beyond a supporting character myself. There is no reason for Nina to overshadow anything, she serves her purpose and thats helping Gwen and Connor with a safehouse for humans.

Gwen herself has had her moments.
-Electric effects entrance in #5
-frying all the demons at once around Connor and Angel
-figuring out where K'rphs corpse was and the culprits were vampires

As for Gunn, hes most likely to die.

PatShand said...

Awesome podcast. I love that you do this, it's so nice for us fans! And, gotta say, thanks for the plug. Can't get no better than that.

korkster said...

Thank you, Brian! That was a wonderful slice of life's bread. :)

On that last question of Buffy + Angel 4 Ever!...

Personally, I agree that there's really no room for Buffy or the other B-characters at the moment. ATF has its hands full of all of Angel's pals. You're doing a great job of fleshing each one out and still moving the plot, by the way. I just don't see how adding another continuous character like Buffy (or even Kate) wouldn't make the comic ex-PLODE! You know?

Thanks again!

Wyndam said...

Thanks again Brian! Great podcast.

Sophie said...

Great podcast, thanks so much for doing these!

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