Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wizard reviews ANGEL:ATF 17

They dig it!


IDW Publishing
Brian Lynch (W)/ Franco Urru (A)
"Acting as an afterword to 'After the Fall,' this issue of Angel catches up on the crew following the new 'everybody loves Angel because he saved us from Hell' status quo. Spike and Angel have moved a bit toward a 'Lethal Weapon' style duo, Gunn's in a coma, Illyria is watching over him and each and every baddy Angel killed in hell is back among the loving after the reset button was pushed–Yep, that's the nasty catch you knew had to be part of the heroes' win outcome of 'AtF.' Essentially reaffirming that classic Angel maxim 'I'm Angel: I'm not perfect but I'm trying hard to help,' this isn't an essential issue, but reinforces all the fun possibilities of life in an Angel-friendly Los Angeles. The epic 'After the Fall' maybe over, but looks like Lynch still has plenty of stories to tell here."


Jen said...

I love the issue too. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see what you do with Dru, Gunn, and Spike's stories.

Fenderlove said...

It was a very good epilogue to the story. I love the Angel and Spike interaction. The end felt very comfortable and complete without being trite. There were some real tender moments in the issue. I was so happy that Jerry got to propose to his girlfriend.