Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last ATF Answers Part I

I asked for questions, and you guys delivered! Gonna do them whenever I have some free time, so let's get this started!


Emmie asked the following:

What is the meaning of life?

...for Spike?

...for Angel?

...for Gunn?

...for Illyria?

...for Connor?

Basically, how do you see them approaching the world?


Hmmmm. I'll try and figure out what each character wants at the end of AFTER THE FALL, if that's okay. Kind of a WIZARD OF OZ deal.
SPIKE: Wants to know his place in the world, but I'd have to say his world revolves around being in love and being loved.

ANGEL: I think Kelley tackles this one right off, so I'll leave that to her. But I will sayAngel thinks his purpose is determining how to help, how to make things right, how to be the best man he can be.

GUNN: If he ever wakes up? He's got a lot going on. He's gonna want peace of mind above all else.

ILLYRIA: She's of two minds, if you catch my drift. I think she'd love some clarity.

CONNOR: Connor's nothing but untapped potential: a blank slate in terms of love, destiny, his future is wide open on all accounts, and that's gotta be a weird place to be in. He can do whatever he wants, and he has to decide which direction he wants to go in. Normal life/life of a hero? Forgive Gwen or move on? Assist his Dad, break out on his own?

Did that answer your question? I hope so.

Wyndam asks:


Any early ideas/plans for the extras in the 4th HC? 3rd volume isn't out until next month (can't wait!), so we probably won't see it for a few more months, but any info would be awesome!


Kinda early, but maybe go over all the storylines we didn't pursue? Maybe the original unused pitch? I think more Franco art would be wonderful.


PatShand has asked:

1. What were your favorite scenes to write in Angel: After the Fall?

I answer this in ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL vol.3 hardcover, but I will say I loved writing the Connor/Kate story in FIRST NIGHT, Angel/Cordy scenes, Gunn/George in issues 2 and 10, all of issues 15 and 16, and the Wesley/Illyria scene in 9.

2. What, do you think, was the strongest issue?

I think 16 is the best. Keep in mind I planned for 17 to actually be a double issue with 16, so I'm kinda counting that as part of 16. I think the last chunk of issues is the best all around. But I also love the Connor/Kate story in FIRST NIGHT and all of SPIKE:ATF, particularly the first two issues.

3. You said when the series was finished, you'd tell us some of the ideas of yours that Joss said were a no go. Can we hear 'em?

I'll save that for the hardcover to vol. 4. But we considered, however briefly, Spike and Nina being together. CUE THE INTERNET BITCHING!

4. What was your biggest, unexpected, happy surprise in writing the book? Like, what did you not expect to write but it just came out?

I also tackle this in ANGEL volume 3, but here's a new answer: I never thought I'd get to write SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL. In fact, I didn't really want to when IDW asked if I had an idea for a spin-off (just because of time considerations) but man, am I glad I did. My life was literally nothing but writing for the months I did that (no, that's not true, I also moved into a new house those months) but the end result was a pretty awesome story, one I really love reading. And Non is now out there in the universe, so that's nice.

5. What would you liked to have explored more?

Living in hell, mostly. How awful that must have been. Plus Nina, Connor and Gwen's relationship, and more of Lorne governing Los Angeles.

6. Think the movie theatre chick ever got to see what crazy homeless soup eater did 'for her'?

Almost included them in issue 17, but didn't have the space. But I think she probably died in hell (pretty quickly actually) but is back and probably a little messed up. And because the crazy homeless guy rose up and flourished in hell, he's better off. So now their roles are switched. What? You asked!

7. And, since this number is lucky, and I'm pushing my luck with this many questions, this is my last one: Any favorite moments from the overall experience of adding to the mythos of your favorite show?

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I kinda dig what we did with Connor, we changed that character and made him kinda cool, which is nice. But the whole thing, really, was an honor and a trip.

Thanks in advance. You're the man, as always, for doing this.

Thank you, sincerely, for caring as much as you do. It was a pleasure to read your reviews every week.

Okay, first three questioneers answered! Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

Issue #16 was my favourite, too, and I loved the Wesley/Illyria and Angel/Cordy scenes you mentioned. Agree with you about Connor's character development, as well. All in all, good taste. :)

...Spike/Nina...? Really? Don't we have enough Spike-Angel conflict in Spike/Buffy/Angel and Spike/Drusilla/Angel as it is? :P

Thanks for taking the time to do *yet* another Q&A'! Looking forward to the rest of your answers!

Helen said...

Brian, thank you very much for the awesome ride! After the Fall is a great miniseries.


Have you ever met actors who play the characters featured in your comics? If yes, have you tried to incorporate their personal traits into the characters you write?

wyndam said...

Thanks for the answers Brian! Think you would possibly want to write notes on issue 16 like you did issue 1 and (if I heard correctly) a Spike:AtF issue, for the Vol. 4 HC? Just a thought. :)

ihuntrobots said...

What exactly did W&H mean when they said that the whole Hell-A deal was all about Wesley in First Night?

Anonymous said...

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