Monday, February 23, 2009

Last ATF Answers Part V

I'm gonna answer more questions! Forgive the wacky layout of these Q and A, for some reason, they're always so wonky. Okay, let's go!


Brian, your love and ownership for Spike's character is, I think, unique for the comic Buffyverse. I don't think any other writer, save for Joss, has taken a liking to a character from the show quite like you. Now that you have time to stretch out Spike over an extended run, what are some of the things you are looking forward to?

Thank you for your kind words! I look forward into plunging into Spike and really getting into all facets of his personality. Romantic, bad boy, poet, smart-ass, older brother, little brother, randy uncle, hero, antihero, I want this book to be a primer on the character. And he's spearheading an ongoing series for the first time, so we'll have a long narrative that is all about Spike. When Angel guest stars, it'll still be Spike's narration we hear, not Angel's. I'm gonna get around his head and root around all areas.

Also if I may, how will this series differ from your work on ATF?
Basically the lead character is very different, and that means a different tone. Also, it'll be more like a TV show, with a bunch of smaller stories trading off with a bigger, overall arc.

Thanks for the questions!

DeleteArtemis said...

Okay, I have a couple of things to say, and I apologize in advance for rambling. On the plus-side, it's just a read, not something to be answered.

1) I've told you several times that my favorite character is Wesley. My favorite issue of AtF was Wes's first night. Absolutely beautiful, man!

2) Despite Wes being my favorite, one of the most striking moments for me from your series did not feature Wes at all. It was when Spike discovers that Angel is human. He looked heartbroken, then started babbling out weight-related insults at Angel while searching for cigarettes. In the meantime, Angel's thought bubbles noted Spike's reaction and sympathized with him rather than being annoyed with what Spike was saying. I just loved that, b/c you managed to get such great characterizations for BOTH vamps. Writers focus on the Angel/Spike rivalry, which is great, but insightful writers in this verse also realize that there are other levels to that relationship, that there is a kinship there.

3) While we're on the topic of characterization, I have to congratulate you for getting Angel soooo right, especially in light of your Spike-centric background. Angel doesn't speak a lot, and in other comics, this usually translates into someone who doesn't think a lot, either. Angel thinks, and he has a sense of humor (albeit somewhat muted), so it's great to see a writer that gets that!

4) Finally, I wouldn't change anything you've done with the series so far, nor would I want you to move over to Dark Horse, but god how I wish you could have the opportunity to write Giles! You did such a job with my favorite character; I just wish you could write my second favorite. Giles/Ripper is awesome! Are there any other Buffyverse characters you wish you could write?

Thank you for all those compliments. Very sweet of you. I would love to write Giles. Would want to tackle Xander (not like that) and Faith (kinda like that) and Buffy herself.

February 13, 2009 9:34 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will the Spike series have a rolling series of guest characters or a cast of regulars, or some of both? Do you plan to have a mix of show characters and OCs?

Thanks for answering.

We'll have different characters come in and out, but it will also have a main cast. A very small one. Both show characters and original characters will be featured.

Anonymous Shep said...

Who is your favourite character from the entire series (both show and comics) and why?
If there isn't a particular favourite then who was the most difficult character to write, explore, and develop, and why?

I know a lot of people think I'm going to say Spike, but I honestly don't have a favorite. It's strange, I would say Angel or Spike or Illyria, but it's definitely whoever I'm writing at the moment. For instance, just wrote a Gunn-centric issue and he, for the days I was writing it, became the greatest character ever. And then Illyria makes an appearance and she becomes the greatest character ever. I really adore these guys. All of them.
Though, I will say, Lorne and Groo are just pure joy to write dialog for. Just plain fun.

As for most difficult, I think a lot of writers in the past, both tv and comic, would say Angel. I clicked with him (at least, I hope I did) pretty quickly, Illyria took a few scenes before I felt comfortable.

I had a problem with some of the original characters. For instance, Kr'ph was a lot of fun in issue 1, but his return in issue 17 was kinda difficult. He has a very specific way of talking and it was weird to capture that again.

That's it for now! Thanks guys!

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