Thursday, February 12, 2009


Anything you want to ask me about ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL or SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL? Or about anything,'em in the comment section of this blog and I will answer my heart out.

Inappropriate questions will be met with a "good day sir or madam", but appropriate questions will TOTALLY get answered with vim and vigor in a future blog.

Questions to avoid:

"What involvement will Joss have with __________?" (Answer: I don't know)

"Will Kelley Armstrong's arc have ____________?" (Answer: I don't know)

"You better not have ____________ in upcoming comics." (Answer: that wasn't a question)

"Was it your idea or Joss' idea to have __________ do__________ in ATF?" (Answer: I don't remember)

"Will you go on a dream date with me?" (Answer: I'm married, sorry)

And let's go! ONE QUESTION EACH, thanks!


Emmie said...

What is the meaning of life?

...for Spike?

...for Angel?

...for Gunn?

...for Illyria?

...for Connor?

Basically, how do you see them approaching the world?

I decided to actually make the smartass question relevant. ;)

wyndam said...


Any early ideas/plans for the extras in the 4th HC? 3rd volume isn't out until next month (can't wait!), so we probably won't see it for a few more months, but any info would be awesome!


PatShand said...

Got a few, I'm wordy, as you may have noticed by now.

1. What were your favorite scenes to write in Angel: After the Fall?

2. What, do you think, was the strongest issue?

3. You said when the series was finished, you'd tell us some of the ideas of yours that Joss said were a no go. Can we hear 'em?

4. What was your biggest, unexpected, happy surprise in writing the book? Like, what did you not expect to write but it just came out?

5. What would you liked to have explored more?

6. Think the movie theatre chick ever got to see what crazy homeless soup eater did 'for her'?

7. And, since this number is lucky, and I'm pushing my luck with this many questions, this is my last one: Any favorite moments from the overall experience of adding to the mythos of your favorite show?

Thanks in advance. You're the man, as always, for doing this.

Scarlet Ibis said...

I'm daring to dream here, but on a scale of one to ten, what is the probability of there ever being a Spike/Angel (concrete and not just a hint at) pairing? And how do you feel about the two of them?

Emmie said...

Not a question here, but I just wanted to say thank you for the interview you did with Buffyfest at NYCC (I'm midway through the second part right now). I really appreciate all the time give you give to interacting with the fans and it was great to actually see you talking about the characters. Your enthusiasm and love for them and their story shone through.

Brian Lynch said...

These are awesome questions thus far. But from this point on, let's do one question each, okay? Thanks guys!

PatShand said...

Sorry man, you know me, I make with the ramble. Hahah

Anonymous said...

Hi. Im new here-
Just wanted to know something...

who was that "electric man" (or demon) that Spike saw in "Spike: ATF"?
(You know, the man who was on fire on that house that the Dragon told Spike to go)

Allycat said...

It was announced that you're going to write an on-going Spike-series which will run along close to the Angel-series. You also said you were too busy to write the Angel-series yourself as well. Will you be taking an executive producer role over the Angel-series, given the fact that you have a larger overall view of the Angel-part of the Buffyverse?

PS: Since everybody else tried to ask more than 1 question, I'll ask two more, in case your generous ;) But I promise they're easy ones:

Will the on-going Spike series have a subtitle and if so, what will it be?

Beck and Tok are rumoured to show up in the new series. So, will readers need to be familiar with Asylum and Shadow Puppets to understand the new series?

Chapel_Perilous said...

This is probably one whose answer is "I don't know" but:

Are the After the Fall and Season 8 time lines concurrent in any way (will we see a crossover, are the events of one affecting the other, are they going to share characters)?

It seems like AtF ended with a coinciding plot to Season 8, but it doesn't seem like they're going to meld, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think you'd told me to get back to this question after the series was over, so... In hindsight, is there anything you'd change about "Angel: After the Fall" and "Spike: After the Fall", if you had the chance to do them all over again? (Because the fans didn't quite "get" it, or because you think you could have done better, or or or...)

Angelman said...

HI Brian,
Are there definately plans for an ongoing Angel title after the Aftermath and Drusilla issues are done. After hearing all the news about the Spike series (and that Angel will be in it), and nothing more about the Angel....just wanna make sure:)

SaveALemming said...

I can't think of any questions related to Spike or Angel at the moment (and I've gushed aplenty about them at the AngryNakedPat Board) so I'm gonna ask something esle that's been bugging me a bit:

What happened to The Sims movie? Your bloggy thingy used to make reference to writing a movie based on a popular video game and that's gone, the IMDb page is gone.... Is the movie gone? No big loss, if it is I suppose, and definitely not if it had another writer; I just thought it could be a fun concept with you at the writery helm.

As always keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

After hearing that you are working with JL, are you having a fan reaction similar to, WOW!

Bitsy said...

What are you reading right now that you think fans of Buffy and Angel would get into? Shill for IDW if the opportunity presents itself, sir.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing a great series that was worthy of Joss Whedon himself.

So is the shanshu question resolved as to who it is for and is it up for grabs still or was the talk between our two vampires more about just trying to cheer the other up about the future?

Anonymous said...

First of all: I totally loved 'Angel: ATF'! You did really great work!! (I admit I was very sceptic - not 'bout your work, but 'bout a continuation after 'Not Fade Away')

Now, with Wolfram&Hart gone - only for now, I s'pose/hope - just one question: any chance that we'll see our favourite little bastard Lindsey again? (because we know that dead doesn't have to mean dead in whedonverse)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Brian, your love and ownership for Spike's character is, I think, unique for the comic Buffyverse. I don't think any other writer, save for Joss, has taken a liking to a character from the show quite like you.

Now that you have time to stretch out Spike over an extended run, what are some of the things you are looking forward to?

Also if I may, how will this series differ from your work on ATF?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have a couple of things to say, and I apologize in advance for rambling. On the plus-side, it's just a read, not something to be answered.

1) I've told you several times that my favorite character is Wesley. My favorite issue of AtF was Wes's first night. Absolutely beautiful, man!

2) Despite Wes being my favorite, one of the most striking moments for me from your series did not feature Wes at all. It was when Spike discovers that Angel is human. He looked heartbroken, then started babbling out weight-related insults at Angel while searching for cigarettes. In the meantime, Angel's thought bubbles noted Spike's reaction and sympathized with him rather than being annoyed with what Spike was saying. I just loved that, b/c you managed to get such great characterizations for BOTH vamps. Writers focus on the Angel/Spike rivalry, which is great, but insightful writers in this verse also realize that there are other levels to that relationship, that there is a kinship there.

3) While we're on the topic of characterization, I have to congratulate you for getting Angel soooo right, especially in light of your Spike-centric background. Angel doesn't speak a lot, and in other comics, this usually translates into someone who doesn't think a lot, either. Angel thinks, and he has a sense of humor (albeit somewhat muted), so it's great to see a writer that gets that!

4) Finally, I wouldn't change anything you've done with the series so far, nor would I want you to move over to Dark Horse, but god how I wish you could have the opportunity to write Giles! You did such a job with my favorite character; I just wish you could write my second favorite. Giles/Ripper is awesome! Are there any other Buffyverse characters you wish you could write?

Again, thanks for everything, especially for being so accessible to such a, shall we say dedicated?, fandom.

Anonymous said...

Will the Spike series have a rolling series of guest characters or a cast of regulars, or some of both? Do you plan to have a mix of show characters and OCs?

Thanks for answering.

Shep said...

I just wanted to say thank you once again Brian. It's been wonderful reading After the Fall and you've done an amazing job capturing the voices of the characters. When I read the issues, I can see David Boreanaz, James Marsters etc.. saying those lines! It's like I'm watching the show all over again!
'A man isn't measured by the mistakes he's made, he's measured by what he does about them' I'm so glad Angel has finally come to accept the point that Buffy made in Season 3's Amends. I loved the last scene with Angel retreating, except this time, into the street instead of the shadows of an alley. It's like Season 1 again: everything has come full circle but everyone has undergone massive changes!

Now for the question:
Who is your favourite character from the entire series (both show and comics) and why?
If there isn't a particular favourite then who was the most difficult character to write, explore, and develop, and why?

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions and talk to readers through this blog!

Veiriti said...

Hello, Mr. Lynch,
I have no questions. I only want to thank you for the incredible comic book series Spike After The Fall and Angel ATF. Now I'm waiting for my Angel 17 issue and Spike ATF hardcover. I ordered them both. I already have got Spike ATF, but I want to have it on hardcover. And I'm so excited about new Spike comic book series and I made a trailer. Actually it is a Spike spin-off tv series trailer, but I included some comic book characters. And as a huge fan of Spike I would be really happy to see your comic book stories for Spike on tv series. I hope you'll like my fan trailer!;)

Well, I have a question – When is coming out the first issue of the new Spike comic book series?
Thanks again!

SaveALemming said...

Ooh! Thought of an Angel/Spike related question-

With Spike saying he knows George in the last few issues of After the Fall; I like to believe that Asylum and Shadow Puppets are now canon. And yeh, I'm sure you're sick of the whole canon vs non-canon crap online, but I was wondering when you'd place Asylum and Shadow Puppets in Angel continuity.... if you had to. I keep thinking Asylum may have been around Smile Time time (who's to say Lorne doesn't like heading off to Vegas for the odd show? We don't see him constantly at the office in Season 5) And Shadow Puppets is sometime after Fred's death but before Girl In Question. Does this sound about right? I know it's not important, but I'm oddly anal retentive about timelines and love for things to fit together. Especially if it means George is canon. (And Beck and Tok, they rock too... but mostly George)

Jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen said...

I loved the series, Brian! You added a lot of colorful characters to it. Who was you favorite villian/big bad to write?

Also if our still looking for ringtones for Angel, how about Soul Meets Body by Deathcab for Cutie.

Flashdisk said...

Here is my question:

Will you be writing a continuation of Angel after aftermath?

Flashdisk said...

Here is my question:

Will you be writing a continuation of Angel after aftermath?

Anonymous said...

It's really great of you to answer all the questions, I will ask mine again :)

There is something I really can’t understand. Here it is – Wolfram and Hart really wanted Angel to fulfill his destiny, the Shanshu, right? But then why did they want him to sign it off? Why? In issue 12 Wes says that they never filed it, because the whole LA was sent to Hell. But will they file it now? Do they really want it to be filed and if not – why did they ask Angel to sing it anyway? And if they wanted it to be filed - why didn't they do it when they broght LA back from Hell?

Thanks for the great story. We will really miss you :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the series Brian! Angel was actually slipping from my mind before you brought it back in comic form, and I'd just like to thank you for re-introducing such a colorful mythology to me. One thing that's been bothering me for awhile now is how Fred/SeniorPartners said in First Night: Wesley that Wesley would be the reason that SeniorPartners win (somewhat paraphrasing since I don't have the issue in front of me). Issue 16 confused me though since he really won it for Angel there. What was Wesley SUPPOSED to have done for the SeniorPartners or did the Senior Partners anticipate that he would be the key to undoing everything? If so, then why would they bother bringing him back? Thanks again Brian!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian!
Thanks for the series ..Really It was Great ...I just Finished Reading The Issue#17

i was wondering

why Wolfram&Hart give Angel his humanity back after sending the city to hell.
they need him as a vampire with soul fulfill his detiny and make the evil win at last...

or they already know that they will be defeated and will be forced to return angel to a previous point in the timeline!!!


Anonymous said...

I know you Did the last round of questions

But Can Answer my Previous Question in prvious post, Please!!!

Thanks For Graet Story

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