Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wizard reviews SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL # 1

ANDY: "After two minis, a lengthy run on Angel: After the Fall and now this debut ish, I feel perfectly justified in saying: Brian Lynch was born to write Spike. It's like he's been living inside that bad boy vampire head his whole life! From the dead-on dialogue to the soul-searching internal monologue, I'm hearing James Marsters every time I read a Lynch-penned book spotlighting Spike. Here, readers get a glimpse at what Spike was up to in the days immediately following L.A.'s descent into hell. He's leading a ragtag group of survivors on a nomadic journey around the city, squatting in amusement parks and other sundry destinations to survive and taking on the demonic big bads when the fight is in his odds. He's also babysitting Fred-Illyria, a job that's bringing back the heartfelt feelings he once had for her, now that he's got his soul again. Lynch has consistently delivered on all his Angel and/or Spike work, and Urru's art looks as good as it ever has in this opening salvo. If you've been digging the Angel and Buffy books up till now, you'll definitely want to DVR this new Spike series from you local comics shop."


That opening sentence? Made me red-in-the-face happy. Wow. Thanks Wizard!


PatShand said...

On-point, very deserving review.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. You prove time and time again that you really nail Spike's voice, and this issue is another great example of it.

embers said...

yes, I agree... I love all your comics, but I really love the Spike ones.. everything about this worked for me and I can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

I'm only pissed because Spike ATF will only be a brief 4 issue arc. Will there be another arc after this one? Lets hope! Oh but uh, what's the deal with NINE (9) different covers for Spike #1? Just wondering.