Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last thoughts on FIRST NIGHT

The above picture is Alex Garner's cover for the ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL: FIRST NIGHT: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY collected hardcover.

Wait, that mighta been too many titles. Sorry. Once I get titling, I just don't know when to stop.

Anyway, I am fully aware that the Volume 1 hardcover collects five issues plus extras, and Volume 2 is only three issues, so I spent the last couple of days making sure the extras make this purchase worth it.

Holy crap, I went nuts. I'm pretty sure I gave them too much to use. But I wanted to make the book as good as possible. I wish I could spoil some details, but to be honest I'm not sure which extras IDW is going to use. As soon as I know, you know. And anything that doesn't end up in the book will go here, I promise.

It's a ways off but just wanted to share.

One bit of trivia I didn't put in the book. The name FIRST NIGHT is actually what they call the New Year's Eve celebration in Red Bank, New Jersey, where I'm from. Not sure if this is a common name for said celebration, but the title always stuck.

And with that boring bit of trivia, I take my leave!


Anonymous said...

i'm confused....there's going to be more first night stories??

SaveALemming said...

So are all the collected trades of After the Fall gonna be hardcovers? Classy! Have the first HC waiting in my box at the comic shop for me, gotta wait till I get paid again before I get it though.

Brian, chum, we gotta talk. Now, you know I've been a huge fan for quite some time. A little over six years actually. And I've always wished you the best of success and am really glad we've gotten so many comics with your name on them and am beyond happy that you, in some ways, have become Joss's successor.

But as a loyal fan who still has to live on a fairly meager budget, you're killing me, Brian! The majority of comics I've bought in the past year have been penned by you which makes the hero-worshipping side of me jump for joy.... but the side of me that has to watch the checking account.... It's crying, Brian. Crying tears of povertiness that he will use to cook ramen noodles.

For seriously though, this is awesome and I can't wait to have the entire Hardcover After the Fall collection. I also can't wait for the Everybody's Dead movie. I still believe it'll happen one day, especially now that the comic has been deemed the greatest comic ever written by Wizard.

Fenderlove said...

Loved Spike: ATF #1! It was totally fab! I've missed Mr. Urru's artwork so much!

Deven said...

Wooo! A new hardcover to throw money at! Awesome - and very much looking forward to it!

Robert said...

Hey Brain waited for the first HC collection of the Angel after the fall. Just picked it up and its awesome man. You got a new fan. Already pre ordered first night cant wait till it comes out.