Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I hope you guys like it. Lots of answers, lots of fights, lots of revelations!

Thanks guys!


Fenderlove said...
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Fenderlove said...

Stupid guy at my comic book shop says that the new issues won't be out for purchase for a few more hours. Stop playing Magic: The Gathering with your nephews and put the comics out, Comic Book Guy! *cries*

Emmie said...

Loved it! I can't wait for issue #11 and the Gunn vs. Angel smackdown!

Oh and here's a present from your friends at Slayalive, a little webcomic by me and Patxshand. You should recognize the main players, methinks. Sorry for the non-userfriendly linkage.

buffy+angel4ever said...


Allycat said...

My parents raised me with the saying "Always save the best for last." So when I got home from my local comic book store today, I was faced with a dilemma. Read Buffy #16 last, because it was written by Joss himself, or end with Angel, which throughout its run has consistently been a little bit better.

I went with the latter, and I was surprised to find that even after reading one of the best Buffy-issues so far, Angel still managed to score a little bit better.

Great work, Brian!

flashdisk said...

Another great issue. :D

Anonymous said...

AWESOME issue!!! Loved # 10!!! This series just gets better and better!!! Thanks for giving us all something so awesome Brian! Though I did have a quick question...yes I'm sure a gazillion people have asked you a gazillion times, is there going to be a crossover with Buffy by any chance for ATF??