Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I was standing against the wall at the Griddle Cafe much like Fonzie did at Arnold's, when I felt it ripple. My friend Matt and I realized it was an earthquake and headed outside. Once there, we confirmed with the other patrons that we were in fact, not drunk.

That was weird. But, good news everyone, Mark from ROAD RULES season 1 was there, and he was just fine.


Sophie said...

Good to hear you are ok. So I guess there's one tiny downside to living on the coolest coast...

Karen said...

I'm sorry... do you write anything after "Griddle Cafe?" If anything, just one of those pancakes would help anyone survive an earthquake... dear God, why do I like on the East Coast? Must... have... pancake.

NileQT87 said...

Bah. Anyone who has lived in California their whole lives hardly even notice earthquakes other than looking up (or not) and saying, 'Hey, earthquake!'... And then, it's on with the show.

Earthquakes in San Diego are a rumble under my computer chair.

Glad you had a good time in "America's finest city" (San Diego). ;)

¡Más Angel, por favor!