Friday, July 4, 2008


That's when Spike gets his own series again. Four issues as opposed to Angel's sixteen, but it's not the size of your series, it's how you use it.

Also, if you're going to the San Diego Comic Con, and I'm signing stuff, ask me to draw a Baby Spike. It's fun and easy!
Sadly, this just one of a few pictures I did in a series called MOMMY'S LIL ANGEL, about Angel and company if they were kids. Yes, it was a joke. And it made Ryall laugh, dammit!


Fenderlove said...

LOL. That's adorable! It needs to be on a screenprinted tee. Would you care if I made one for Dragon*Con?

Sophie said...

Thanks for the heads up about the S:AtF release date!

Baby Spike made me laugh too. HC extras, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Aww bless. *g*


Mirage said...

Thanks for the reminder! *cooes at baby Spike*

sistercuervo said...

Cutest little Baby Spikelet ever! Love his one little fang peeking out and leather diaper. Wish you were coming down for Dragon*Con

PatShand said...

Very, very awesome. That means I won't miss a single issue when I go on vacation.

Anonymous said...

I come to peace with my Spider-hate and Illyria being in love with Wes so I'm looking forward to the rest of ATF and Spike:ATF.
I hope the Big Bad will be really scary and maybe she can survive to menace Spike and his loved ones another day. I hope there's at least occasional warm comradery between Illyria and her "pet," and friendship moments between Spike and Fred if she has times of sanity. I wonder if this new male confidante of Spike's is Maria's brother?