Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Become What You Are

That's the title of ANGEL 23. While I like titles like SPIKE:ASYLUM and ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL, I really enjoy comics wherein each issue has a different title. We did this a bit with SHADOW PUPPETS, each chapter was a play on BUFFY and ANGEL episode titles ("Once More, With Felt"), and now I get to name a single issue as it's a self-contained story.

So, ANGEL 23 is called "Become What You Are". It's also the name of an album by Juliana Hatfield, but don't go looking at the song lyrics for hints or clues about the storyline, as there aren't any (though you should check out the album, as it's wonderful). The title will make sense once you read the issue, I think.

Back to work for me!



Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see issues have idividual names. I hope you'll continue this with the new Spike series.

Nolan said...

I love when arcs or issues have individual names as well. I second having them for the Spike series.

Also, I picked up the second hardcover for Angel ATF (finally), and while I've been too busy to read through it yet, I read the 'mood' part of the Groosablog and laughed hysterically for a good while. It makes me smile just thinking about it. You write that character so well.

iloveamandabynes said...

I know you wrote this post a million years ago, but I only just discovered the blog and am digging it--ESPECIALLY the Juliana Hatfield reference, who is one of a mere three people I have written fan letters to. Ah, the 90s.