Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Featuring art by the amazing Nick Runge and the superhuman Stephen Mooney. Tons of extras, including a behind-the-scenes commentary from one of the characters (is that a trade paperback first? hope so) and a Q and A wherein you all provided the Qs and Ryall and I made with some As.

I do hope you enjoy it, it's at fine comic shoppes everywhere, or you can order it HERE!


Anonymous said...

Loved the inclusion of Beta George's diaries! Who knew that Gunn was such an ass behind the scenes?! I hope George gets more work after this comic, since that seems to be a concern of his.

You must, must, must show us more pages from George's diaries or Groo's blog, pleeeeaaasee? I wuv them!

Anonymous said...

Loved the Q&A but I am not a fan of Betta George, he is a great character and was suited well in Asylum and Shadow Puppets but not in ATF, he just didn't seem to fit in anywhere naturally. Other than that the HC was as usual made to perfection! Well Done and thanks! :)

Simon said...

It was nice to see the ribbon again :).