Saturday, September 13, 2008

SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL # 4 finished!

I just read the pdf files for SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL issue 4. Last issue of the series, and it came out wonderful. The entire issue is almost one long scene, but so much is revealed and wrapped up. Franco's art is stellar, his best, easily. He does panels of Illyria's face that are like looking at stills from new episodes of ANGEL (or, in this case, SPIKE).

It's hands down the most brutal issue of any ANGEL/SPIKE book I've ever written (I think runner up is issue 11 of ANGEL:ATF...but it's a distant second). But it's also kinda funny, heartbreaking...I think you'll dig.

Issue 3 comes out this week (or so I've been told) and it's stellar too, I am really proud of this series. Couldn't be happier with how it came out.


Anonymous said...

My compliments on what promises to be another successful series. This obviously beggars the question as to your future plans regarding these characters. Do you and the talented Mr Urru have any ideas for forth coming adventures?


Anonymous said...

"Brutal", huh? The chances of Jeremy surviving are looking lower and lower... :\

Really excited about Issue 3 this Wednesday, although it might be a while before I receive it.

(Sidenote: Saw one or two lines from Spike: After the Fall used in fanfiction last week -- with credit -- so you must be doing something right. *g*)

PatShand said...

As always, I can't wait!

wyndam said...

Can't wait!

Andrew/Andy/Rusty said...

So excited for issue #3!

Also, I just picked up Asylum and Shadow Puppets and they are freaking fantastic! I love em.

Pryce said...

Awesome! I can't wait for #3 and this one to come out so I can see how that arc wraps up!

Kudos on A:ATF as well, just got done with #12 and it was amazing.

Faith said...

I can’t wait for it!!! I love Spike After the Fall series! I have got all comic books with Spike! He is my most favorite character! Actually I’m a huge fan of Angel / Buffy shows mostly because of SPIKE. And I’d like to ask you, when Angel ended what will happen with Spike? I’d like his adventures to continue… please! SPIKE is my champion!

James said...

I can’t wait for it!!! I love Spike After the Fall series! I have got all comic books with Spike!

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