Friday, September 5, 2008

ANGEL Volume 2 Hardcover!

Just got a big box full of ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL VOLUME 2 (FIRST NIGHT) hardcovers! They came out BEAUTIFUL! From Alex Garner's new Wesley cover on down, it is such a classy production.

SPOILERS: there is no bookmark. This made me sad. This is the only thing that made me sad. But the rest, perfection. The printing is beautiful, the chapter title pages, amazing, it's jam-packed full of notes and new stuff.

Enough gabbing, let's take a look!

Check out shiny ghost Wesley. It's embossed so he looks extra-ghostlike. Amazing. I didn't mean to cover Joss' name, my bad.

Spike's Title Page and cover. Awesome!

Lorne's. Oh John Byrne.


This is one of the extras, a detailed explanation of FIRST NIGHT stories we didn't do. Other extras include page notes a la SPIKE:ASYLUM, etc. and a GROOSABLOG. This might be my favorite extra ever. You have to see for yourself. That specific extra also features a brilliant new piece of art by Franco Urru.

The two volumes together. How sweet!

Hope you enjoy! It's only a few weeks away, reserve yours now!


Nolan said...

The word 'GROOSABLOG' itself is enough to sell me on this. Looking forwards to it, I can see my volume one hardcover on the shelf to the right and it looks like it could use some company.

Shawn E said...

purdy! i love these - and the series!


Robert said...

already pre ordered mine. cant wait to get it.

Wyndam said...

Thank you so much for posting the pictures Brian! You're awesome, and I can't wait to get my hands on this.

nickrunge said...

Got my copy today Brian! Really really awsome!! The extras are sweeeet. You've done a great job as always! Seeing these stories collected makes it easy to remember why I love these characters. I'm honored to be a part of this series. So many talented people are invovled with every part of it. Gotta love the Garner Wes cover too! It's amazing!

Anonymous said...

would anyone happen to know how i can buy the first and pre order this second volume as hardcovers in germany? do you know any online comic shops who sell these two to anywhere in the world? I'm dying to buy them and i would pay a lot of money (Im a huuuuge buffy and angel fan^^), but here in germany, there are no good comic shops.. =(
if theres anyone who can help me, please email me:
thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

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