Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey all! The new PREVIEWS came out today. For those that aren't aware of what that is, it's basically the catalog for all the comics available to order from the numerous comic companies. ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL # 15 is among them, and if at all possible, please remind your store that you dig it.

I only ask because there is another ANGEL comic, entitled ANGEL:SMILE TIME. This is an adaptation of the classic ANGEL episode by Mr. Scott Tipton and Mr. David Messina, who gave us the wonderful ANGEL:AULD ANG SYNE, among other books. I'm kinda worried that as the SMILE TIME book's ad is bigger and placed before AFTER THE FALL, stores may miss ATF and then you would miss a chapter and oh MAN would I hear it.

ANGEL:SMILE TIME is gonna be great, you should ask for that as well. I've never read anything by Tipton and Messina that I didn't like, and I'm fairly sure they're expanding on the original episode, bringing out all new greatness. Definitely check that out.

Meantime, hope you enjoy issue 15 when it comes out. It's the return of Mr. Urru, which makes me all sorts of happy.

On a related note, Stephen Mooney just sent me pages for 14 and holy crap. This thing is great. Mooney is on fire, I love how this series is coming along.

Hope everyone is well!


sarahi said...
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sarahi said...

I couldn't find the previews for #15, but I saw on a cover and a short synopsis for 14, and wow. I can only think of three "unthinkable" things: destroying LA, getting themselves killed, or killing Angel. I don't get how he could get out of what Gunn did to him without being a vampire again, or being brought back by W&H, which would make them own him even more.

Sophie said...

Looking forward to seeing more of Mooney's art in the next few issues and also looking forward to Urru's return for the last three.

Also, the Angel books have been such good sellers, shop owners will probably be motivated to pay enough attention to order all the correct books.

I am loving both Angel and Spike AtF fall so much, you are doing an awesome job on both, Mr. Lynch!

Emmie said...

Brian, in previews where? I can't wait for Issue 13, by the way. Hope it comes out soon.

Chris G. said...

ATF has been really great. I'm just glad you and Joss are doing new, canon stories. These characters are just too great to go away!

Plus it still feels like there's more to do and say after all is said and done with ATF. Hope you guys do more.

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