Monday, June 2, 2008


Alex Garner's cover to ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL # 11 is below. Just a word of warning: there are kinda spoilers, and it may be too awesome for human eyes. Good God, Alex Garner is amazing.

Seriously, if you don't want spoilers, turn back now.

Though, it's not CRAZY spoilers.

I mean, you musta known this was coming.

Turn back now if you want to avoid knowing anything about the future of the series.

But it's not that bad, really.

And it's worth it, just to see this baby early.

Wow I hope this is a cover for one of the collecteds.

Okay, stalled enough... it is, I do hope you like!



Fenderlove said...

Looks gorgeous. That'd make a spiffy poster. Can't wait to see the issue! I'm on pins and needles (not literally, 'cause ouch!) for next week's issue and #9 two weeks after that. *squees*

Wyndam said...

That is just stunning! Gunn looks incredibly evil and David B's likeness is just perfect. Outstanding!

ryan said...

well some of us avid followers may have already heard in #11 Vamp Gunn finally meets Angel. It's bound to happen from the start. Can't wait.

Bekkah said...

I think I just started to like Angel again. LoL.

That is an awesome piece of art.

Praying that Gunn bites the dust...

Moondog said...

Now that's a hell of a cover.

Anonymous said...

"That was wow" pretty much covers it. Amazing cover artist, amazing writer, amazing inside art and amazing characters (Betta George makes fish proud to be fish!)Can't wait for the hardcover edition! and can't wait any longer for the amount of awesomness this series is going to bring us in the future!

PatShand said...

Amazing cover. Garner is definitely the best cover artist we've seen on the ANGEL one. He's dropped a perfect cover for #9, a great one for #10, and this great one for #11.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Can't look away, the color is just captivating. I don't really see it as a spoiler, 'cause, really, anyone could very well guess that this is gonna happen, sooner, later or in the very next second.

Alex is the da man! I want a wall paper of this.

Anonymous said...

*prostrates self before Alex Garner's feet*

Also, I guess this gives one ground to argue that the Angel-in-vamp-face cover was only metaphorical.

Sophie said...

Fantastic cover, the best painted one since Harris's Spike cover, imo, (although Garner's covers for #9 and #10 are tops too.)

Andrew/Andy/Rusty said...

Oh my gosh. That may be my favorite After The Fall cover so far.

MikeyB said...

at first glance, I thought Gunn looked eerily like The Master

marco218 said...

A foretaste of something already good _never_ spoils the palate! (Well, OK, almost never ... .) Looking forward! :)

Yet, Buf would have told Angel never to try and stake high like that. If she was there ... ?

Winther said...

Verrrry cool. Or maybe hot might be more fitting, given the color scheme. 'Tis good, is what I'm trying to say. Much better than a sharp stake in the eye.

Also, nice to have the blog moved to a place where I can comment without having to create one of those accursed myspace accounts.

Also also, June is going to be awesome. 'cause it's my birthday in two weeks. And yeah, ok, the whole two issues in one month is cool too, I guess. Or again, possibly hot. Rad, maybe. Does anyone say rad anymore?

Jai said...

That's awesome! Angel looks so life-like. Who's the vamp he's fighting, though? "Angel fights a vamp in this episode!" - I guess that's a spoiler, given that fighting vamps is sooo several years ago.

Chris G. said...

This is gonna be the cat's NUTS!

korkster said...

From an earlier discussion in a different place, it was decided that "awesome", "squee", & "cool" are over-used, to the point of being extinct.

Therefore, I've stolen a new word to reflect my feelings towards this issue. If it's ambiguous, let it be known that it's a positive reflection in the triumphant category.

That cover is the WZARD!

Thank you. That is all.

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