Monday, June 9, 2008

ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL # 8 comes out this week!

Hope you guys dig it. There are three different stories in addition to the one page Betta George introduction. They are all very personal stories, that all deal with the same theme.

1. Gwen. It's kind of a personal tale, explaining where she is, what she was up to right before the fall. And her reaction to the fall. It's pretty heartbreaking even though we all know it does get better for her.

2. "The End is Here". A short story involving civilians' reactions to an entire city going to hell. They don't know Angel, they don't know Wolfram & Hart, they just know their city block now has demons running about and tentacles coming out of the sewers.

3. Gunn. This is the main event. Lets us know Gunn's state of mind big-time. Lets us know who turned him. Co-written by Mr. Scott Tipton.

I'm writing later issues of ANGEL:ATF as we speak, and it's amazing how important stuff issue 8 sets up. Pretty neat

Anyway, hope you dig the issue, and issue 9 is only, I think, two weeks after that! That's how we roll here at team Angel!


ryan said...

Looking forward to the conclusion of First Night! Especially Gwen and Gunn's stories. The Kate story is my absolute favourite...definitely worth the wait. The Spike one would be second, its very funny considering the situation.

Brian Lynch said...

I just read through issue 8 today, and I was happy with how personal Gwen's story felt. Big epic goings on around her, but it's all really internal. And the art is sweet, it looks like an old romance comic gone (literally) to hell.

Fenderlove said...

I'm really excited to read this issue, especially the part with the average person reaction to L.A. falling into hell. Two issues this month is going to spoil me for next. Oh, wait, does Spike: ATF start in July? I can hardly wait.

Wyndam said...

I can't wait to pick this up!

Emmie said...

So excited to pick this up tomorrow! Thank you for rolling with 2 issues this month. I <3 Team Angel.

Wenxian said...

Definitely psyched about this coming out tomorrow! Will try my damn hardest to get it right away... but it could probably take till the weekend!
You're awesome and the Angel series is going places that I never thought of, and that's pretty damn cool!

Andrew/Andy/Rusty said...

That is one fantastic looking cover! So excited for it!

Chris G. said...

Damn, I'm way too excited. I've been waiting so long for the new issue. Seriously, Lynch; you're doing so great. Everytime the new issue is out, I leave work and straight to the comic store because I need it RIGHT AWAY.
How many more issues are planned?