Monday, June 16, 2008


This week, ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL # 9 hits stands (a mere WEEK after #8! We are just the sweetest!). FIRST NIGHT is over, and Angel is back to work. Surrounded by the Lords, Surrounded by the Lords' Champions. Spike, Connor, Gwen, Nina, Lorne, Groo and Illyria by his side.

Oh yeah, and Illyria saw Wesley's still around, and promptly turned back into Fred.

Plus Gunn watches the whole damn thing. What's his plan anyhoo?

Revelations galore! Fights to the death! Explosions! Angel Angel Angel!

Quick mistake that I want to point out before every gets it: while the inside front cover has the correct credits, the title page says "By Brian Lynch and Nick Runge". This left off Mr. Whedon and that's a shame. Although, again, he's credited on the inside front cover and the actual cover.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalso, EVERYBODY'S DEAD # 4 is out the same day! When last we left our heroes, Doug and Jack were trapped on an army base with hundreds of soldier zombies, only to be "rescued" by Doug's zombie dad, Wes and Aurora came home to find that Nuk had killed Aurora's room-mate Greta, Mosby has a plan, and evil Omega President Roy is (A) a zombie and (B) going to the house to get it back and eat anyone who stands in his way.

This is a dark, dark issue. But also pretty dang funny. With brilliant art by Dave and beautiful colors by Len, and some words by me.

Hope you enjoy both!


marco218 said...

Kudos to you for your work on both. Super-kudos (?) for ED!

Wyndam said...

I believe the AtF HC is coming out this week to, correct? AWESOME WEEK if all 3 of them come out.

Andrew/Andy/Rusty said...

The release dates I have seen for them were on the 25th (next week), are you sure that its this week? Would be way cool if it is this week though!

Brian Lynch said...

I think it's next week for the hardcover.

Wyndam said...

Just checked TFAW and they have the date for the HC set as the 18th (originally the 25th), so I guess we'll just see in a few days if it gets released. Either's coming soon. :)

ryan said...

Is that Illyria/Angel/Wesley cover a variant? as in Cover A or B? I must have that cover!

Emmie said...

Yes! You are so good to us! Thank you, thank you for releasing 9 so soon after 8, I feel giddy and can't wait for tomorrow :)

ryan said...

OR someone can set up a special chatbox on their Myspace profile, that could work.

only saving a transcript might be difficult.