Friday, January 9, 2009

Wanna vote for ANGEL?

Wizard is holding the annual Wizzie Awards (no, they're not called that, but man, they should be).

ANGEL is up for "Favorite Licensed Comic" (that category is number 26 on the list). BUFFY is also up for the award, but she's up for other awards too (Favorite female or something or other) so hey, let's give her that and give ANGEL number 26! Fine, we all know BUFFY is gonna win "Favorite Licensed Comic" as well, but it doesn't mean we can't try!

So if you get a chance , go on over and vote. It only takes seconds!

CLICK HERE and do it for Angel! And Spike! But most of all, do it for America!


Glen Lamb said...

I'm voting Angel over Buffy, now you gotta promise more from Beck and crew. all my love x

James said...

I voted too. Good luck!

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