Saturday, January 24, 2009

The (IMO) Greatest Team-Up Ever!

SPOILERS FOR ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL if'n you haven't seen issue 16 yet.

I'm warning you.


For serious, don't scroll if you haven't read!

Listen to me, spoilers will be spoiled!

Heed my blog!



....waiting some more...

Okay, good.

Here's the non-colored, non-lettered last panel of ANGEL:ATF # 16, aka "when worlds collide" aka "the greatest crossover that most readers didn't know was even happening EVER!"

This made my heart feel good. God would I love to do a limited official crossover kinda deal. So much fun.


PatShand said...

That should very much happen.

Anonymous said...

It was good to see Westerberg again.

Unknown said...

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sarah said...

I just read Issue 16. It was great, I loved it. There is one thing I'm confused about, though. You've said so many times that Angel: ATF is only 17 issues long, but IDW has you and some other author writing an Issue 18, 19, etc.