Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun with action figures

So ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL action figures, that would rock, yes?

There won't be ANGEL:ATF figures, sadly. But let's pretend.

Answer these in the comments section:

1. What five would you want to see in the first wave?

2. Must have ATF-specific accessories for each figure?

3. Build-a-figure?

(in case you don't know, lately they're doing this great idea where each figure in a wave comes with a piece of a bigger figure that you can assemble. For instance, a wave of MARVEL LEGENDS came with piece of Galactus, so if you bought each figure, you could assemble a giant Galactus).

4. Who would be the chase variant figure?

(in case you don't know, again, a variant figure is a version of one of the figures painted differently or given different accessories. They're usually packed one or two per box so they're rare. For instance, a green Hulk's variant figure could be a gray Hulk).


Have fun! I'll post my answers later today!


Sophie said...

I own no action figures. But if there were After the Fall ones, I would buy them.

-general comment: I think it would be cool to have action figures based more off Urru's art and portrayals of the characters. Like those tooned up buffy figures I saw linked at Whedonesque. A lot of the main characters really haven't changed their look, so this would also give people a reason to get them, if they already had some action figures. And thanks for explaining the different action figure terms.

1. What five would you want to see in the first wave?
1. Angel
2. Wesley in his W&H suit
3. Spike, I would prefer his all-black duster look.
4. Illyria
5. Vamp Gunn

2. Must have ATF-specific accessories for each figure?

1. Angel with flaming sword. FLAMING SOWRD. Gotta have the flaming sword. And Hagun shaft. And W&H's ever-popular desk. And how awesome would Cordy the Dragon be.? Maybe Cordy can get his own figure.

2. Wes: Besides the W&H look, I can't think of anything much, because he can't touch stuff. Maybe some spell books or that bug he put on Angel.

3. Spike with the bike he rode in S: AtF, maybe the chain he used as a whip. And maybe Chubby the annoying human-kid? (Not sure the latter one would be so popular, but I think it would be cool.)

4. Illyria with the weapon sashes she was wearing in S; AtF... hmmm really can't think of much. I'd just like of figure of her b/c I think she's awesome.

5. Vamp Gunn in vamp face, with the red hoodie. He's actually my first choice, 'cause he could come with Betta George, the eye of Ramras, and the picture of the Fang Gang he looked at in issue #4.

3. Build-a-figure?

Burge. Or Connor. Or Cordy the Dragon.

4. Who would be the chase variant figure?
Fantasy Spike from After the Fall, in a red pollo shirt, with a shopping cart and plush Betta George. And an Angel with a "I'm the reason we're stuck here" name tag.

Well, that was fun. I didn't know I had so many opinons about this topic. I kinda want to go out and get an Illyria action figure now.

Sophie said...

Or the variants could be Angel and Spike, in the future time-slips. Or kid-versons of themselves from the past-time slips. Ok, I'm stopping now.

sarahi said...

The five figures I would want to see in the first wave are:
1. Angel with that bug Sophie was talking about and one of those baton things Angel planted for the lords.
2. Definitely Spyder, maybe with her tentacles as an attachment.
3. Spike in his "hugh hefner" outfit, with optional duster, and a little fountain of blood.
4. Vamp Gunn is a good idea, and I think he should definitely come with an Eye of Ramras and maybe that red disk that we only really saw when he took it from Angel.
5. I think Betta George should be his own figure. Maybe he can come with a little stand that looks like a little beach.

I agree that Cordy the dragon should be a build-a-figure, and fantasy Spike with the polo shirt is an excellent variant idea. Do variant figures come with accessories? If they do, fantasy Spike should come with a little cart or a little doll version of a splenden beast. Another good idea for a variant figure could be Angel in the "big bad bath and beyond" company garb.

Thuan said...

Sorry I went beyond 5 cause it's just so damn good..

ANGEL After the Fall Bundle Pack

- BETTA GEORGE (How come there aren't any images of him anywhere on the Internet?? :( MAKE IT HAPPEN BRIAN!) with the Vampire guy guarding him (in his punching bag form of course)
- Cordelia the Dragon bundled with fall apart Angel... limbs broken and all.
- Loan Shark cause he's big pimpin'
he comes in a big bad bundle (TRex, She-Skip etc)
- Hugh Hefner Spike and Spider
- Illyria and True Form Lovecraft Illyria
- Vampire Gunn with head swap and Non
- Gwen and Connor
- Wesley & Fred
- Lorne and his girls
- Groo and Cordelia Horse

Jen said...

1. Angel with his sword and the bug thing.
2. Spike with chain and smokes.
3. Gun with the eye of Ramrus and the rope with the hook he has on the cover of issue 4.
4. Illyria with the kitchen knives.
5. George with the slayers.

Build a figure would be the Dragon or Squidllyria.

Variant would be Batman and Robin versions of Spike and Conner.

PatShand said...

1. What five would you want to see in the first wave?

Definitely Angel (bit battle wounded to show that he's a human). Vampire Gunn. Wesley, with see-through plastic for his skin. Spike in the red robe. Illyria.

2. Must have ATF-specific accessories for each figure?

Angel - flaming sword
Gunn - Kr'ph's orb of ramras (sp)
Wesley - a book that doesn't fit in his ghostly hand
Spike - hagan shaft
Illyria- cutlery

3. Build-a-figure?

The dragon.

4. Who would be the chase variant figure?

Spike, who would also have his regular duster and jeans get-up.

Fenderlove said...

1. What five would you want to see in the first wave?
Spike, Betta George, Lorne, Angel, and Jeremy.

2. Must have ATF-specific accessories for each figure?
Too many to mention, but some of those spiffy heads on pikes for Angel though. And, it's not ATF-specific, but Spike needs the IKEA futon with the lower lumbar support.

3. Build-a-figure?
Build-a-Dragon! XD

4. Who would be the chase variant figure?
As someone said above, I'd love to see the Detective Comics versions of Spike and Connor. Those would be fantastic. Oh, and Sparkly Liberace Lorne from the earlier issues.

Richie Palmer said...

1. Angel, duh
Vamp-face gunn
Ghostly Wesley

2. flaming sword, hagan shaft, the thingy that gave angel all his old wounds, would george be an accessorie? how big is he in regard to the other characters?

3. Either dragon cordy or true-form illyria

4. Fred (variant of illyria)

Anonymous said...


Nuff Said.

SaveALemming said...

1. First wave would be
Human Angel
Connor (since we never got a figure)
Gunn (see Connor)
Ghost Wesley (translucent)
Betta George

Second Wave would be

2. Accessories.... Hmm.... I'll get back to you

3. Build-A-Figure- Obviously Cordelia, who would have to be stretched across two waves because of his size

4. Chase figures.... I like the old man version of Angel idea. Also a clear version of Wesley, since in my head this is still Diamond doing the toys and that's something they do. Bandaged/Injured Gunn from First Night. And of course the one Chase figure that would be a totally new sculpt and the most obvious choice for a Chase- Cordelia

That's all I've got so far. And this is only how I'd like to see a line as if it was part of the Diamond Select series. But if that wasn't an issue, and the line was up for any company- I'd go with Mezco and see them do a 3 3/4" line like the one the added to their Hellboy 2 line. Then you could have army builder demons and an in-scale Cordelia and more room for a bigger variety because of the smaller cheaper scale.

....Crap. Now I very much want After The Fall toys. Bad enough I already wanted Shadow Puppets figures.

ryan said...

1. Angel
- viper car keys w/ woot woot sound effect
- black trenchcoat w/ Stake in inside
- groo's flaming sword
- Axe used in #2
- healing potions

2. Illyria
- detachable Fred face
- Fred's clothes

3. Gwen Raiden
- battery pack with connected light effect to simulate electricity

4. K'rph
- Eye of ramras
- Betta George chained up
- His Chair

5. Female Lord of Burbank
- I think she could use a whip
- Hagun Shaft

Each figure would come with a piece to make the Hyperion Hotel or Illyria's true form.


Nina - cause shes hot

Gunn - with rope and gun and that red artifact

Gabs and that pink haired girl


Spider w/ spider arms that come out with a push of a button

Dragon (Cordelia)

Groo & his Pegasus (Cordelia)

Gwen Raiden (blue electro discharge mode)

Sophie said...

All these ideas are awesome. So why can't there be any AtF action figures again? Is it a legal issue? The comic books store I go to had lots of action figures for other comics characters. Why not for Angel: AtF and Spike: AtF?

Jen said...

I agree with Sophie...also I think Brian forgot his password again:)

SaveALemming said...

Sophie, I have no idea if Diamond would've ever considered AtF toys, would've been cool though. But they did discontinue their Buffy and Angel lines sometime in mid-2008. What sucked is they had already announced and shown images of the next Buffy wave which consisted of Ox, Drusilla, Robin Wood, and a Build-A-Figure Judge.

But if the lines wouldn't have been cancelled, would Diamond have ever produced an AtF line? The world may never know.

Sophie said...

Interesting, [b]SaveaLemming[/b]. I wonder if they any company would be willing to start another line (does IDW make this kind of thing?,) or the previous company to bring it back. I like the idea of smaller figures that are less expensive and allow for a to scale Dragon. I also wonder if Buffy fans would be more excited about figures based on the comic artist's rendering of the characters (because it would be new,) and not on photos/scans of the actors. I'd love to see an Urru (or Jeanty) line of Angel figures, for example. With tons of ATF accessories (FLAMING SWORD,) of course.

Also, a W&H dragon-jet would be kinda fun and would probably have a cross-over market with 10 year olds.

Skytteflickan88 said...

Spike: in the red pajama bottom. Topless and if possible, with a leer.
Illyria: in her usual outfit.
Beaten up Angel

Spike: the trone and a cup, like the ones he had in his first frame(he does drink in that one, doesn't he?)
Illyira: a extra hairdo or head, to make her look Fred-like. And a spear.
Connor: spear
Gunn: ax (and doesn't he have a glow thing he steals powers with or was that just a spell?)
Angel: hagan shaft

4. Spike. Dark blue bottoms instead of red.

And if there will be a bust or statue, half-see-though Wes from Mooney's issue 7 cover would be great.

Skytteflickan88 said...

Oh, I forgot nr 3.

That one sounds like fun. It could be a huge Betta George. Or Illyria's true form.

SaveALemming said...

Oh! And the most obvious choice for a Chase figure that we haven't mentioned: Gunn in blue hoody ala the original printing of Issue 1.

Muffy said...

Firstly, I'd like to say this is my first post, and I'm a massive fan of both the television series and the graphic novel. ATF really does Angel justice! Keep up the stunning work!

So... who would be my five?

1. Angel (of course! And he'd come with accessories, such as sword, icky healing creature and possibly a baby Connor...)

2. Cordelia the dragon. (Am I the only one who would run from room to room waving her in the air making whooshing sounds?)

3. Gunn. Flip his arm and watch him transform into action vamp Gunn!

4. Spike and Spider twin pack. (Okay. I know this is cheating, but they worked so well together! And just think! The crazy people who didn't like Spider can have all the fun in the world beheading her...)

5. Betta George. Wind him up and watch him swim in circles in the bath. Either that or press a button on his head for a fishy quip.

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James said...

Definitely Angel (bit battle wounded to show that he's a human).

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I think it would be cool to have action figures based more off Urru's art and portrayals of the characters. Like those tooned up buffy figures I saw linked at Wheatstone. A