Monday, December 15, 2008

ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL # 15 this week!

This one's a corker! Read it before the internet spoils it for you!

Urru is back!


PatShand said...

So excited, yet scared. But more excited. Did a re-read of #13 and #14 last night, and can't stop thinking about 'em. They definitely get better with each read.

ryan said...

i have a feeling Illyria is going to be doing alot of reality warping. the "future event into itself".

can't wait! another x-mas present for me YAY

i agree #13 & #14 get better than they already are with each read... i'm still reading them lots! as well as Spike: ATF #4

BarryShaft said...

Brian, I know this a small point but it's damned important to fans. You've consistently turned out these comics in such regular intervals it's amazing. Your by far the most on time regular writer going. Thanks for that. And not only that but you also routinely keep updates on the progress. Just awesome man. Can't wait to read #15...can't believe it's almost over (are we going to 16 or 17? I can't remember)

Sophie said...

I agree with BarryShaft, it's great to be able to expect/look forward an After the Fall issue each month, and then get it.

I'm really hyped for this issue. I loved the preview pages (god, Urru is amazing.) I also loved Groo's lines, and Betta George. Great use of white-space as well. Looking forward to Thursday (and missing comic book Wed., from my days on the other side of the pond.)

wyndam said...

Can't wait to run out tomorrow and pick this up. The story is getting so intense and dire that it really makes the 4 week wait between issues harder each time. The preview was great, and I can't wait to find out what happens next.

rich from new haven said...

I am going to try very hard to hold off reading 15 & 16 until 17 is out.

I cannot handle all that stress from waiting between issues after reading them, so I will wait.

plus 'Smile Time" will keep me busy as will the comic about Angels' time during World War I.

Brian, did Joss ever explain to you his reasons why Angel AtF
(aka season 6) was going to be limited (to 13-17 issues) while Buffy season 8 is going as high as 40 issues?

nora said...

Why? Why Brian ?

Why being so cruel with our poor hearts ???


I'm so devastated...

buffy+angel4ever said...

Why Connor, why?

DP McCullough said...

Another one out of the park, Brian thank you... I almost had tears when I read it... Why?

sarahi said...

It looks like there might be more visions of Angel's future. I'm looking forward to it.

Shep said...

Oh my God. Fantastic issue. Just finished reading it and I'm crying! You and Joss just love breaking our hearts don't you.

Poor man: Angel's lost almost everything - he had to leave Buffy, Doyle died, Cordelia died, Wes died and is now a ghost, Gunn's undead, Fred's gone and now Connor! *sob*

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