Monday, November 24, 2008

Musings and Sneakys

Today I started writing something that had THIS at the top of the page:

That’s A Wrap, Kids!
Script by Brian Lynch

The first issue of ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL came out a year ago this Wednesday, right? Pretty nuts. I hope you guys dug it so far, and I can promise you, ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL goes out strong. Epic, heartbreaking, I predict tears will be shed while reading each issue. I hope, anyway.

And while we all miss the TV show, you gotta admit, the unlimited budget we have while making the comic allows for awesome panels like this:




That's a quieter moment from ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL # 15. That would be kinda hard to do on a television show's budget, no? I really dig the motion of the tentacles, and the flames on Groo's sword.

Back to work for me!


cheryl said...

Reading "That's a wrap kids" brought tears to my eyes.

You did an awesome job with our beloved characters. Thank you a million times again. I am looking forward to finishing this journey with you but feel really sad at the same time.

Sophie said...

Yeah, ditto Cheryl. Reading the "That's a wrap kids" made me sad too. This has been a wonderful series. I'm just hoping this isn't Brian and Francos last time in the Angel-verse, as well as the comic's medium. That would make me super extra sad.

But still, really excited for issue #15. Love the action. And ::spoilers:: the flaming sword.

Moondog said...

GREAT panel. Beautiful motion and colours.

PatShand said...

Fantastic panel. Franco is a force of nature, and that color really jumps off the page like it did in earlier issues. *swoons* So excited for these last three.

Emmie said...

*high fives Pat* I know, right. Fire bad, red pretty?

I can't believe the end is so close in sight. Wow.

SaveALemming said...

You know, I have a feeling this issue will make me cry. I got choked up when Connor was paraphrasing Angel's speech to him in #13, and (this is really pretty pathetic) quite some time ago, when Monkey Man was coming to a close, #99 actually made me cry. Just scrolling down the page, everyone leaves, then there's this huge blank of nothing, then just Monkey Man and Monkey Boy standing at the bottom of the blank. It's kind of embarassing to admit to, but it actually surprised me that MM could make me so sad.

So, yeh, I have complete faith in you that #17 will make me shed a few.

Anonymous said...

Hello mister Lynch,
I just wanted to Tell you, how much i enjoy your Work.
I love the Season 6 Comics so much.
That´s stuff at it´s best.

You are my big Idol!

Wish you all the best,

ryan said...

Ah one of the things i always wanted came true with an Angel Season 6 comic!

Rich L. said...

To say this was a wonderful series is simply and understatement. But season 8 of Buffy and Season 6 of Angel have literally changed my life.
Where b4 you had a guy who never read comics, now because of the above two series, my collection in 1 yrs time has grown to close to 250 books. That may not seem like a lot to you, but considering b4 Buffy and Angel I owned zero comics. Both series changed my life. Hell, I've even shed 20 ugly pound off my frame walking back and forth to the comic book store.
So you see, buying Angel AtF will keep you healthy both mentally and physically. There should be a label on the front, but not, "that's all folks" waaaaaaaaaa.