Monday, October 20, 2008

Wanna see a sneak peak of ANGEL 13?



ryan said...

awesome!! every issue since #9 has become even more jawdropping than it already was!

Rich L. said...

Richjl413 - Being born on Friday the 13th makes issue 13 very special for me. Something even more special? I'm on the prowl for your Wedding Cover from issue 1 and I will not be denied!! Unless someone out bids me. But I'll still have issue 13. Issue 12 I've read 4 times so I know what you mean. And thank you for the sneak peak it's very much appreciated by this fan. Unfortunately it'll have to do until 13 gets released.

sarahi said...

Looks like Gunn is getting his a** kicked. I am so glad Spike was the one to take down that guy messing with the slayers, it's only fitting since George was trying to get to Spike before. I'm just hoping Spike can survive the slayers themselves.

Hey, I just realized that this issue is coming out a week earlier than had advertised. Whether that's a new development or not, I am absolutely thrilled that I don't have to wait another week.

Oh, and I thought I'd say this while I'm posting here: The Illyria cover. Awesome, perfect, and any other positive adjective that can be used about art.

Rich L. said...


Brian, all I can say is number 13 rocked!!! You knocked it out of the park and right over the Green Monster!!!

There's just one minor flaw with #13 and that is if you ever do that to me again with Spike I will sleep on your front lawn for a year!!! Are you TRYING to give me a heart attack???

This one tops them all (so far)!! Well, ok, actually 12 & 13 top them all (so far)!!! Sweet....

Allycat said...


You've once again outdone yourself. This is the best issue so far and I have every bit of faith that the final four are going to be even better.

Season 8 has got nothing on After the Fall.

Rich L. said...

Now that I've had a few days to let #13 sink in, I wanted to clarify my feelings towards Fred/Illyria.
During the latter half of the 5th season, it was stated that Fred's soul was destroyed when Illyria was resurrected. To me, this meant Fred (no matter how much I loved her character) was gone. Period.
Then however, Illyria threw us all a curve ball by stating she could read the electrical impulses left over from Fred and could verbalize these memories (for lack of a better word) causing Spike to say, "that's your most devastating power."
With that in mind, seeing what the vampire Gunn did to Illyria does not phase me in the list. Why? Because her death, Freds, is something I've put behind and been able to move on from. This is why when I saw Spike going out in a blaze of dust earlier in #13 I really began to panic because it began to fee like things were beginning to crubmle down around Angel and friends(which can be debated because things really began to crumble as soon as Angel left Sunnydale for L.A. We, nor he didn't know it at that time. Now we do.
So, making a long story shorter, I am happy that Brian and Joss agreed to keep Spike where he is. Now whether or not he stays that way before the series ends, is another matter altogether. But if it does happen, I think we, the fans are now better prepared for any bad news coming from the last few issues of Angel AtF. I think seeing Spike being dusted was a wake up call to the fans showing them/us that no-one is safe in Hell-A.
What I really want to know is why does the cover of issue 11 show Gunn and Angel fighting as vampires, when Angel is not a vampire. Is that a foreboding of things to come, was it a dream, is it something that Angel wants, or maybe not wants, but needs? But if he is turned by another, won't he lose his soul again?
On a personal note, I was just thinking that of all the comics out there right now, both Angel AtF and Buffy season 8 continue to reign head and shoulders over the rest.
Both led me into a world virtually unknown to me just 18 months earlier. And now, I am a mere day and a half away from procuring the wedding cover. Which is something I could never imagine myself doing only 2 years ago. To think that a comic book can literally change a persons way of life. Not making it better or worse, just changes. Examples? If not for Angel and Buffy I would not be on Ebay buying comics and other things. I would not have a beautiful pencil sketching of Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze Jr. hanging on my wall. My whole way of looking at life has changed. I think I am happier, better adjusted, not so anti-social and not so shy. Now those may seem small to you, but to think that a comic book can affect even the smallest part of a persons life is justa miraculous thing to behold. Utterly amazing really. Someone should right a book. Or better yet, someone, I won't say who (BRIAN!!!) should just keep writing Angel. It means more to people than you'll ever know. I am a changed man because of a comic book. It's just...weird, that's all I'm saying.

ryan said...

The basic idea of the cover of #11,and why Gunn and Angel are both vamped is to explain the vampire glamour Angel had.

nora said...

I've just read mine ( shipping this week to France) and my heart is still shaked... What did you do to Cordy-the dragon !?!?
OMG!!! I can't believe it!

Seriously, the climax is going to kill me....

Thanks Brian!

ryan said...

the fates of cordy and x-men were tragic!! oh man x-men girl was such a great character for comics! Oh well at least Connor showed us who's boss!

sarahi said...

I can't believe what Gunn did! And I'm pretty sure I know who the creature on the #14 cover is supposed to be.

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