Friday, October 10, 2008


That was a hard one to write. Well, it was easy in the sense that it all flowed very easily, but difficult for reasons I can't quite explain without spoiling major events.


Shin said...

Damn you and your tombstones! Look up the meaning of subtle. In other news can't wait to read it.

Sophie said...

Geez, it's cruel, the suspense being spread out like this...

But awesome too, and I can't wait to read it. Congrats on finishing another issue!

PatShand said...

Dammnn. I do have an idea who it's going to be, but it makes me sad just thinking about it. Sad/excited. I actually saw "You're Welcome" a few minutes before typing this, and it was the first time I'd seen an episode in a while. It makes #12 all the more touching and sad, knowing what Cordelia would be telling Angel next time she sees him.

BarryShaft said...

Wow... we're getting close. It's been a crazy journey, thanks for giving it to us Brian. It's been superb sir.

Nolan said...

waaah! I can't wait now! (not that I could before.) It feels like forever since I read the last issue.

Anonymous said...

At least now we know which issue we should ready the hankies for...

sarahi said...

Judging by the tombstones, I'd suppose that three people are going to die? I've been re-watching season 5 episodes as well, and any way you cut it, more familiar characters dying would have to be difficult. I still have wishful thinking about one survivor due to references made in Buffy season 8, but the more issues of ATF I read, the more I hope that W&H just brings back Angelus. Don't get me wrong, I like Angel just as much as anyone, I wouldn't be reading ATF otherwise. I'm just tired of it being up in the air whose side Angel will be on, and I'm anticipating seeing the guy get some direction.

Anonymous said...

I just wanna if Angel and Buffy are going to get together now that Angel's human.

Faith said...

Hey, Anonymous, I think Buffy and Spike are going to get together!;)) Vampire or not, Spike is her soul mate and he is more worthy and appropriate for her than Angel. I’d like Angel and Cordy to get together – Angel and Cordy belong to each other.
It would be sad for me if Angel is going to die, but I’m mostly Spike’s fan. He was the best character in the show and he is the best character in the comic books. I’m curious what will happen with Spike when Angel ends… Please, I want Spike to survive!!!!

Rich L. of New Haven said...

Hey Faith, Buffy does not love Spike. She said it in "Chosen" but she didn't mean it. Anyway, on the Director Commentary, Joss Wheden said he always believed that Buffy and Riley belonged together and that he was the best one for her. We may not agree with it, but if the creator says it, then it must be...Oh and I also cannot wait for issue 13. My personal favorite being born on the 13th and all. And yes it was a Friday now that you mention it. And yes, I am completely aware that explains everything!
Hey Brian, in the back of one of the earlier issues of Angel AtF, in the section called "The Powers That Be", it was stated that the reason why Buffy cannot come to LA would be explained later, but I have not seen it anywhere. Is it still gonna be explained b4 the end of the series?

Faith said...

Rich L. of New Haven,I’ve read another interview with Joss Whedon then he said that Buffy and Spike were in love holding their hands in the flame. And when she said that she does love him she really did mean it.
I don’t think that Riley is suitable for her. I’ve never liked him and I don’t like to see him around Buffy again. I liked Angel / Buffy relationship, I love Spike / Buffy relationship (I’m devoted Spuffy and Spike fan! LOL), but I hated Riley / Buffy relationship!!! Riley sucks! LOL I’m dying to see Spike and Buffy together again. ;))

Anonymous said...

I'm dying for a Buffy and Angel reunion in the comics.I loved what said about them earlier this week.

"MALE ADMIRER The great love of her life was Angel (David Boreanaz), the vampire-with-a-soul she could never be with. (Stupid gypsy curses.) And she had a wicked little fling with Spike (James Marsters)."

I disagree with you,Faith about Buffy and Spike and Angel and Cordelia.Don't care for either of those ships and would hate to see a return.

I think Angel and Cordy is moot since Cordy is dead.Issue 12 aside,I don't think Cordy is coming back permanently or Angel is going to stay dead.I bet next issue will reveal the answers.

I sort of feel like you do about Buffy and Riley in regards to Buffy and Spike minus actually disliking Spike.I like Spike and I'm enjoying him over in Angel's world a lot but I really don't want to see him around Buffy again.

I think Buffy's feelings for Spike have been really left vague.I believe she cares for him but I don't believe she loves him in the same way he loves her.

Joss hasn't really said what his feelings are on how Buffy's I Love You was meant as.I've seen fans try to interpret meaning from his Chosen commentary but that's just fan opinion on what they think or hope Joss means.He hasn't actually come out with a clear answer and I've read other interviews from the series writers which indicated that Buffy wasn't in love with Spike.The writers themselves are split on this too.

Just recently Georges Jeanty made some comments about the infamous Naked Angel/Nurse Buffy/Naked Spike panel from Buffy #3 that might give insight into where Joss's head is at on this.

" Georges said that he'd had a conversation with Joss about the Buffy fantasy panel containing nurse!Buffy and naked Angel and Spike, and Joss was careful to point out that he wanted Buffy leaning closer to Angel and touching him more intimately than Spike."

Until Joss comes out and says something once and for all though or shows us something once and for all than this debate will continue to rage.

I don't think either Angel or Spike are going to be killed off in After The Fall.I think those two characters are the safest and everybody else is fair game.Although it would be a very ballsy move to kill off Angel or Spike.

sarahi said...

Anonymous, I'm glad you cleared up who Buffy was supposed to be more intimate with in her nurse dream. I've read that issue several times, and each time I see Buffy gag and vomit a little I wonder why that dream made her gag. Now I have a theory that it was because of Angel, which might make more sense because she no longer trusts him and can probably make Spuffy shippers relax more.

Rich L of New Haven, I might be mistaken, but I think Joss said it was Parker he thought Buffy was better suited for. I brought this up in a forum once, and it was concluded that that comment was probably a joke or a response to ship wars. Also, when Joss commented on the "I love you" from Buffy, he said that he told Sarah Michelle Gellar to really mean it, but neither SMG nor James Marsters were really "feeling" that. He said that sometimes that just happens with actors.

I may be a Spike fan, but I'm a little on the fence about Spuffy, to be perfectly honest. Those two would have a lot to work on before they could be what they could be, but who's to say what's really going to happen? I just hope Spike survives. I'm sure Angel will, it's just a question of where he'll go and what he'll do now that he's signed his soul away and the damage is done. It might be a tad unrealistic for him to just suddenly get out of those contracts.

Oh, and I think it was stated in issue 12 why Buffy and co. can't help Angel and the others. Wesley said that they're in W&H's backyard and out of good's reach.

Anonymous said...

Just to add to the (somewhat childish) discussion above.
Buffy does not belong not with Angel and not with Spike. They're too good for her as she is the kind of girl that likes to change lovers and doesn't understand the true meaning of love. Angel fell in love with her because he was lonely and felt that he didn't belong anywhere: not with humans and not with vampires, she made him forget it for a while and he fell for her hard. Like a hungry puppy who's been offered food. He would have fallen in love with any woman who could offer it to him (and it's not a difficult thing to do).
Spike is just a romantic by nature and is all too happy to get himself in a romantic relationship. Even when at first he appeared to not like the idea of falling for a slayer deep down he enjoyed the feeling. His romantic nature is evident through the whole series.
Buffy's lack of seriousness in relationship could be seen when she broke up with Angel. If she truly loved him she wouldn't have done this. She would have fought to overcome the obstacles in their relationship. It can't be said though, that Angel loved her that much more since he did leave. It happened when their feelings for each other were at the peak not long before. That means that they can't love each over more than they did already, and that would mean that if they get together again their relationship is doomed.
About spike there is not much to say. Everyone with eyes and a bit of brain could see what their relationship truly presented of itself. Spike became corporeal but instead of running to her and declaring that he's alive he made some idiotic excuse about how he wanted to be remembered and didn't do the thing you would expect a good friend to do, not to mention a lover. And Buffy started dating someone new a few months after Spike's supposedly death which is really pathetic. She apparently does not need time to recover. When a person you love dies it takes months to recover, and if you suddenly learned that this person is alive you would run to him/her no matter what. Maybe Buffy's feelings can't go any deeper, maybe it's all she capable off. Or maybe it was only with Spike and Angel that she was in such a hurry to find a new partner after she lost the other. Whatever the reason, for the sake of those three characters they should not start a romantic relationship with Buffy as it would certainly end bad for both of the sides.

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Well it's quite difficult to accept Angel is over now. I was already getting used to it and now what?

James said...

waaah! I can't wait now! (not that I could before.) It feels like forever since I read the last issue.

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