Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The last issue of SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL is out tomorrow (or, if you're reading this after Tuesday, October 28th, it's out now). It marks the completion of Franco Urru and my third SPIKE series (the first two being ASYLUM and SHADOW PUPPETS).

SPIKE:AFT is also somewhat of a subtle sequel to those two series. In ASYLUM, Spike came to terms with what he had done in the past and what he had become. In SHADOW PUPPETS he realized he didn't have to do it alone. And SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL deals with Spike forging his own life in the worst place possible. He's kickstarting his life outside of Buffy and Angel. Making new friends, planting his own flag.

It all goes horribly wrong, but that's par for the course in this world, no?

It's also a sequel to ASYLUM and SHADOW PUPPETS in the sense that we see references to Betta George, Spike talks of his friendship with Lorne (not established on the show really), and, there's also the matter of Dicky Duck (who featured prominently in SHADOW PUPPETS).

I couldn't have a better creative partner than Franco Urru. He is a genius, rising to the challenge each and every time I throw a thousand things at him. When ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL is over, I will have done, I think, 21 comics with him. That is crazy and wonderful and I am very lucky. I hope that someday, ASYLUM and SHADOW PUPPETS get a collected hardcover edition, simply because his work deserves that crisp page treatment (and, because, they're kinda canon now, yes? Sorta). He's a wonderful man, a super talented artist, and the best friend that I've never met.

Anyway, enjoy SPIKE:AFTER THE FALL # 4 and all it's action and revelations. I think you guys will dig. And stare at certain pages slack-jawed. One page in particular, where...

...well, you'll see. But MAN I did not see that coming.


Robert said...

Looking forward to it Brian. Will differently be picking this up this week.

Sophie said...

Great post Brian, can't wait to get it on Thursday (I'm on the wrong side of the pond, comics-wise)! I hope there will be more Lynch/Urru comics in the future and I hope even more they will be Angel or Spike!

ryan said...

oh i didn't think Asylum/Shadow Puppets were canon... there is no real proof they affect the actual official Angel storyline. Hopefully will be picking up the new Angel & Spike issues this week!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...you've never met Franco? Imagine if you to did meet face to face and you didn't get along in real life (as apposed to internet life).

Emmie said...

Damn, Brian. That hurt to read. That issue is going to be on my mind for the rest of the night. It's going to send me into cynical, depressive mode. Thank you? Huh, but really thank you for depressing me. That's the most powerful reaction I've had reading *any* of the recent Buffyverse comics. Wow.

Jen said...

Your right...I didn't see that coming. Wow, that was brutal! Another great issue but I total need a pint of icecream now.

Franco said...

There ia s very simple reason behind the fact that Brian and I never met. That is the 16 hours of flight needed to reach Los Angeles from Rome which are not exactly a walk in the park.
But we did like each other since the very beginning of our cooperation and that was hundreds of pages ago.
Brian is brilliant, creative, fun to work with and definitely a blessing for any artist. What I think of him can only get better . Our meeting will happen next year either in San Diego or in New York, right Brian?
Ciao everybody and thank you

Allycat said...

Brain (and Franco),

Congratulations to the both of you, for the wonderful (albeit not so wonderful in terms of what happened) finale to this awesome series.

rich of new haven said...

If you guys are meeting in NY next year I want to be there so you can finally sign all of my 1000 comics. Kidding. How about just a few? Seriously, since most of the fun stuff happens out West (SDCC etc), being able to meet you in NY would be an honor for me.
Franco you live in Rome? I think that's awesome! It's much better than where live, Sunnyslop, Connecticut.

Cheers, I mean ciao and thanks for Spike #4 oh and thanks for the tip regarding Asylum and Shadow Puppets. You've given me a good excuse to finally pick them up.

sarahi said...

I'm not exactly sure which part to say I didn't expect. The part that grabbed my attention the most was the timeslip indicating that Illyria might be hanging around Spike after Fred is gone. Maybe she'll only have a problem with Angel.

This issue really did rock.