Wednesday, August 20, 2008

EVERYBODY'S DEAD collected! ANGEL written!

EVERYBODY'S DEAD trade paperback is available for pre-order. Get thee to your comic stores and point them in the direction of the IDW section of Previews. OR you can order it HERE!

Included, in addition to the five issues of awesomeness and covers, is an introduction that is basically detailing my journey to try and get someone cool to do an introduction, character files, all of Dave's original sketches while he was working out the characters' looks and such, AND an EVERYBODY'S DEAD Drinking Game! Let's see SECRET INVASION have a drinking game! Let's see it! You heard me, Bendis!

Finally, handed in another script for ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL. We're rapidly nearing the end, and the scripts are getting more and more fun to write. I think I wrote some of my best stuff the last couple of days, hope you guys agree when you finally get the issues.

Back to work for me! Hope everyone is doing well.


Wyndam said...

Congrats Brian! I will definitely pick up the Everybody's Dead TPB sometime down the line. Even though I own the single issues, I imagine I will be reading the series many times in the future. And as always, I am eagerly awaiting the next issue of After the Fall.

Sophie said...

Hey, niffty! Looking forward to the TPB. And a drinking game to boot! Will there ever be an Angel: AtF drinking game extra? (Or maybe that's more of a Spike: AtF thing.)

Glad the writing is getting more fun for you. I look forward to the issues!

Andrew/Andy/Rusty said...

Been loving Angel ATF lately, feel like the writing just keeps getting better! Miss Urru's art though. :(

Emmie said...

Hey Brian! Not to sound like too much of a kiss-ass, but me and some other core AtF fans at Slayalive (Wyndam, Kingofcretins, Patxshand) were discussing the series and its greatest assets. It came down to one main point - the writing. Your contribution is the *coughs* lynchpin of the series. Through all the changes in art, you have kept the heart of the series alive. Your name is synonymous to the fans with what makes After the Fall great. Best wishes from your fans at Slayalive -

nora said...

Hey Brian !
Some words from France where I've just finishing the ATF n° 11.
The way you found Gunn's character... Amazing!
Not shame to say that ATF is as perfect as the serie.
Can't wait for the next issue....

Mick said...

When I read the first issues of After the Fall, I can honestly say that I didn't like it too much, but a few issues later you really began to impress me; I think the writing gets better and better, and by now I can't wait for the next issue to arrive.

So now I'm going to check out your other stuff. First up is Spike - Asylum and Shadow Puppets.

Nolan said...

I'll definitely be picking up the EVERYBODY'S DEAD trade, It was a lot of fun to read, and probably will continue to be on repeat readings.

I look forwards to each issue of AFTER THE FALL more and more as they come out, but at the same time I will likely be sad when it is over. It's a conundrum.

nmcil said...

just wanted to add my "Great Issue" for AtF and Spike AtF - had to be away from my comic supplier for a while and had these two new issues waiting for me - Great Getting Back treat -

Love your work on all the Spike comics - and the Comic Season. Look forward to all the issues and to my Everybody's Dead TPB.

Congrats on your new home -

sarahi said...

Great job on Angel: ATF and Spike: ATF. I keep liking them more after every issue.

I've been wondering something about Spike and those girls. He was shown without a shirt and being worshipped by them, and Spyder obviously has a thing for him, but is he really actually sleeping with all of those women? There was a comment in this last issue that made it sound like he gets as much as a frat guy, but is there going to be any evidence showing that this is the case? I'm not asking for a porn shot, I'm just wondering if it'll be shown soon if Spike is really doing what he claims or if he's mostly talk. It's hard to tell after the way he interacted with Buffy in BtVS S6, and Angel said he didn't see a difference between Spike with a soul and without one.

PatShand said...

Sarahi: I think the comment Spike made about getting laid was about Spider, and Spider only. That's how I took it.

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