Sunday, August 24, 2008

Epic Adventure!

So I'm not going to lie, I love seeing my books in a Barnes and Noble or Borders or any bookstore, simply because I go in there all the time and buy every book that looks interesting. To finally have a few collected comic book editions in the stores, it's thrilling.

I went to the Barnes and Noble in the Grove in West Hollywood and looked in the comic section for ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL volume 1. When SPIKE:ASYLUM came out, it got prime real estate on the main comic table. None of this "see the spine and spine only" crap, it was full-on, gorgeous Franco cover OUT.

But I couldn't find ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL anywhere. Not too concerned, either they didn't get it yet, or it sold out. But as I was leaving, I saw a table that had a big sign that read EPIC ADVENTURES and featured a bunch of books such as LORD OF THE RINGS and so on. ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL volume 1 was among them. That was pretty pretty sweet.

Brian Lynch, writer of EPIC ADVENTURE. You can buy said epic adventure HERE by the way. And you should. It's epic. And adventurey.


PatShand said...

Congratulations man, that must be so gratifying. :]

Can't wait for the next issue. It's been what, not even three weeks since #11? I feel like it's been forever. I neeeeeed Angel goodness...

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I think it's funny that you see the book at Barnes and Noble but you plug the purchase on Amazon :P

Amazon FTW!

Yes congratulations. I too am really looking forward to the next issues of Angel and Spike.

August 25, 2008 6:48 AM

Caroline said...

Yeah, every time I'm in my beloved local B&N, I've looked for your Angel and Spike books but I've yet to find them (and this is even after enlisting the help of the sales folk). Maybe I should take the hint and just order them online already!

Emmie said...

Yay! Congratulations Brian. That must have been a great moment. I'm very happy for you :)