Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Bad Mother

Any questions?


Donnacha said...

I like it.

Skytteflickan88 said...


Plan on making a online-series or printed?

Declan Shalvey said...

Looks bloody great.

This comic MUST get a home.

Fenderlove said...

I am both horrified and amazed by this. I hope it gets picked up 'cause I wanna read it! :D

wyndam said... so great. "Let us prey" hahahaha. Can't wait to read this.

PatShand said...

Holy shit.

Good kinda holy shit.

PatShand said...

I'm back, for another "holy shit."

Is this the comic with no home yet? Because a book this crazy with the dream team behind it seriously deserves to be made.

Nolan said...

I'd read it.

Heck, I'd buy it twice.

Brian Lynch said...

Nope it has no home. It is homeless.

PatShand said...

Something this good, still homeless? Well, that's just sinful.

Whatever route you guys decide to know, you know I'm down for the ride. Any reviews or promos for the series will go right up on Buffyverse Comic reviews, of course.

wyndam said...

Anyone else getting a Kill Bill meets Sin City meets Sister Act vibe from this? I want to see more!

jacintha said...

Looks great! This is a comic that needs to be given a home.

Anonymous said...

Eih! I knew I'd seen it before!!!
In Angel After The Fall #12, there's a "coming soon" advertisement at the right of Illyria, doesn't it??? The word Doyle can be read next to it. Does it means something??
I'd give it a chance ;)

Brian Lynch said...

Correction: when I say it's homeless, I meant we're still in the early stages of it and haven't shopped it yet. Didn't want you guys picturing me and Mooney standing outside comic companies in potato sacks begging people to take our baby in.

Full-tilt press on finding the right publisher for ONE BAD MOTHER hasn't started yet. Should be fun.

Skytteflickan88 said...

Just read your interview in 'IDW The first decade'. It was very interesting.

I hope you know that atleast my canon-obssessness has nothing to do with you not being as good as Joss. It has to do with my need to know if the image I have of a character needs to change or not.

For example, after reading Spike After the fall, I now think that Spike cared even more for Fred than what was seen on the show.

I guess I fear that someday Joss will write his own Spike & Illyria story, where Spike & Illyria act very different around each other, and then I have to change my view of the characters.

But since I now know how involved Joss was in making After the fall and therefore probably won't feel the need to re-write anything, and since I don't think he wants to mess with the fans, I don't worry as much.

And canon or not your work is great. I'm so very, very excited for the new Spike series.

Brian Lynch said...

This is about ONE BAD MOTHER.

Moondog said...

You are correct sir(or madam?)!
The nun sneakily debuted in the that bilboard back in Angel ATF 12.

Skytteflickan88 said...

"This is about ONE BAD MOTHER."

Sorry, I didn't know you didn't want any Angel-talk here. I hadn't noticed you being against mentioning other comics in the comments than the one posted about, when I read your previous posts and comments.

Brian Lynch said...

No prob, just excited about MOTHER. Sorry if the tone was bad.

Skytteflickan88 said...

Nah, that's okay, I expect you've talked/read about Angel & the canon issue to death.

About One Bad Mother, any idea wheter it will be a on going series or limited run?

Shep said...

Hehe. Looks interesting. Looking forward to it

Nolan said...

I think the most important question is it canon to this?

Malsad said...

hells yah its going to be of biblical proportion!

Jean said...

I'm kinda liking the visual of you and Mooney standing on a corner in potato sacks trying to sell comics.
stephen - care to sketch one up for us - it'd be really cool.

Lina said...

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