Wednesday, April 30, 2008


You asked for more details, I'll give you more details. I aim to please.

Here are some facts, mixed with some opinions, with a dash of hype and a sprinkling of fanboy excitement.

1. Even though this is my and Franco's third SPIKE series, there are no appearances from Beck or Betta George or Tok or even Trots the Evil Horse Puppet. George premiered in SPIKE:ASYLUM # 2 and then came back to life in SPIKE:SHADOW PUPPETS #2, so it would have been nice to have him appear, however briefly, in SPIKE:ATF # 2, but the story is king and the fish had no place.

I miss Beck and Tok and Mosaic. I think I'll visit them again, AATF.

2. Illyria is a full-on supporting character in this, and we deal with her current situation. However, if you don't SPIKE:ATF you'll still understand what's going on with her in ANGEL:ATF. And vice versa, actually.

3. Illyria isn't the only character from the ANGEL TV show that makes an appearance.

4. I've written two issues thus far (have an outline for the next two) and this ranks with one of the stories in the upcoming ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL # 7 as my favorite Whedonverse writing, hands down. I'm super proud of how it all plays out. I've also seen Franco's art for issue 1, and it is easily my favorite Franco art yet.

5. Gunn is not the villain in SPIKE:ATF. The villain in SPIKE:ATF would make Gunn wet his pants.

It's gonna be good, guys. I can't wait.

Tomorrow, ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL fun facts!


Sophie said...

Thanks for the Spike:ATF facts, opinions, etc., lots of fun to read. It's also cool to hear that Beck, Tok, and Mosaic might return sometime after After the Fall.

Ladypeyton said...

I' guessing (and RILLY RILLY HOPING!) that one of the Angel, the Series characters you give us is Connor. Along with Connor I'm kind of assuming we'll get Gwen, who I love, and Nina, who is much more intersting in two dimensions than she was in three.

But mostly I want me some Connor/Spike interaction!

BTW, this is the first tme I've gotten to say this but THANK YOU for giving us more excellent Angel stories and for all the superb work you've done with Spike. It does a Whedonite good!

Alicia "Kaden" Hackney said...

YES! I'm not a huge Spike fan, I can take him or leave him but I am a ginormous Illyria/Fred fan so this has me really excited. Can't wait to read it.

Richjl413 said...

Ah yes, our 2 cents worth, ok here goes, please no Connor. Personally, I was never able to get over what he did to his dad when he sent him to the sea, but really, the thing that really pissed me off was when he punched Fred in the face in the same ep where Wesley finds and saves Angel from his sea tour.
Any man who hits a woman (unless in self defense) is a coward plain and simple.
I am sorry to say that my own personal curse is one where I NEVER forget the bad things I've seen and experienced. Chalk it up to being overly sensitive in a harsh world where peace loving folks are laughed at, well, anyone remember Jesus. Enough said about that.

Honestly, irregardless who appears in Spike "After the Fall", I'm still gonna buy it and the variant cover and cover B and R1A, the virgin cover and oh yes, some swamp land in Jersey.

Keep on blogging and keep making those wonderful comics. You should know that although I have only been involved with comics since 7/07, none have been more special, nor meant more to me than Buffy and Angel continuing stories. I can't explain the pull that the comic book world has instilled upon me but as far as hobbies go, it's fun, varying and definitely within the budget.

I speak for all the people on planet Earth and say, "You're Welcome"

Deborah said...

It sounds great. I love Franco's Spike - well, your Spike too. Looks like the two books are going to complement each other beautifully.

Intrigued to know who the other AtS characters that appear are going to be. Spike has to meet Connor at some point. It'd be great to see what his reaction is when he finds out who is Connor's father.

Skytteflickan88 said...

I read this old post and laugh, considering that Gunn did scare her...

voccan said...

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Rajyen said...

Rajyen say..
Thanks for the Spike:ATF facts, opinions, etc., lots of fun to read. It's also cool to hear that Beck, Tok, and Mosaic might return sometime after After the Fall.